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06 Nov How to Set-Up a File for Print
James 0 181
How to Set-Up A File for Print When creating graphics for print, there are many programs you can use. Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign hold the monopoly on graphic design, and to be honest they’ve got the procedure down to a fine art.That said, we have clients that send us files made in Corel, which is totally fine.The programs you want to st..
15 Nov Pull Up Banner Replacement Graphics
James 1 1544
Pull Up Banner Replacement GraphicsSo you've got a retractable banner stand that is still in good condition, but the graphics are for an old promotion or event. Do you have a new event approaching, but want to reuse the stand? Good news. You can. Pull up banner replacement graphics are easy to create, and can bring life to an old stand.You can reus..
25 Jul Perforated Window Graphics for Business
James 0 960
Perforated Window Graphics for BusinessPerforated window graphics are an immensely great way to promote or advertise your business.  Big or small, if you've got a window on your storefront and any road or foot traffic at all, you could benefit from impactful and colourful perforated window is a leading provider of marketing..
17 Mar Changing the Graphics on Your Advance or Imagine Banner Stand
0 827
Changing the Graphics on Your Advance or Imagine Banner Stand #wistia_chrome_674 #wistia_grid_681_wrapper .w-css-reset{font-size:14px;} #wistia_chrome_674 #wistia_grid_681_wrapper div.w-css-reset{box-sizing:inherit;box-shadow:none;color:inherit;display:block;float:none;font:inherit;font-family:inherit;font-style:normal;font-weight:norm..
09 Mar Red Carpet Photo Backdrop Options
0 767
Red Carpet Photo Backdrop Options Are you hosting a special event, movie premier, corporate promotion or wedding and considering your options for a red carpet photo backdrop? We've got several options available for your red carpet media backdrop and each comes with their own pros and cons. Before we take you through the options here's a list of add..
23 Feb Are Truss Trade Show Displays a Good Option?
0 327
Are Truss Trade Show Displays a Good Option?Standing out in an exhibit hall crowded with hundreds of other exhibitors is difficult.  Truss trade show displays can be an excellent choice for certain marketing scenarios that will give you the opportunity to stand out from the group in a sea of sameness.Truss Trade Show Displays Truss displays are ava..
15 Jan How to Set Up your Artwork for Spot UV Printing.
pmppmm1967 0 5836
A spot UV coating is a high gloss finish that is applied to certain graphic elements of a printed, marketing piece. If you're considering printing spot UV business cards or other marketing pieces with a spot coating, you'll need to set up your print ready files a specific way so they're acceptable to your printer. In this video we'll take you thro..
03 Feb Converting Your Text to Outlines
James 0 282
When sending a file to your printer, always be sure to convert all your text to outlines. Here is a scenario. You’ve got a design for a new tradeshow, banner stand, flyer or even something as simple as a business card. The design is perfect. You love it. You (or your designer) have spent many long hours on the project, matching colours and makin..
11 Dec 6 Interesting Trade Show Trends
pmppmm1967 0 259
Trade shows are still a great way to promote your products and meet potential customers on a personal level, but they aren't the same as they used to be. Now it’s not enough to have a good product and some brochures, you need to have a cohesive marketing package that attracts attention and helps to keep the focus on your company. Technology and soc..
09 Dec Fast, Cheap, Good – Choose Two!
pmppmm1967 0 309
We all want a good product, whether it’s a product we sell, or one that we need in order to make the sale, such as marketing materials or trade show booths. But we also want it fast and don’t want to pay too much. So how do you make the decision on what route to choose – fast and good, fast and cheap, or good and cheap? And what are the advantages..
02 Dec 8 Trade Show Best Practices for Small Businesses
pmppmm1967 0 259
Photo Credit: Ben Jordan / FlickrCC[/caption] What’s the trick to putting on a good trade show exhibit to attract attention and convert visitors to customers? It’s not enough to just show up, you need to use a few trade show best practices to ensure that your small business gets the most out of your investment. Here are some tips: Stand Out Someti..
25 Nov Designing with Black
pmppmm1967 0 320
Photo credit: Danilo RizzutiBlack is black, isn’t it? Actually, there are many different types of black – warm, cool, etc. When you’re designing with black you want to ensure that you are using the “right” combination of inks to create at true black, as well as ensuring that your graphic or design is easily read. Why isn’t Black just Black? When y..
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