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Pillowcase Fabric Displays

With advance aluminum frames and high quality pillowcase graphics, our Pillowcase Fabric Displays are a quick, clean and professional method to make your event truly shine.  Kits come in several different sizes and curve options, and some do include front curved accents, low voltage lighting, tabletops and/or counter, literature pockets, headers and top accents. All kits come in a hard molded transport case designed to make shipping, storing and transporting your display safe and secure.

These displays come in a variety of sizes, as well as several options for a straight or curved setup.  The 8 foot display is available in a straight, vertically curved, or horizontally curved options.  The 10 foot displays come in both curved or straight frames, though these kits have a few more options, utilizing a range of different add-ons, from stand-off literature pockets or shelves, monitor mounts, or even a side panel with its own pillowcase graphic to give your display an extra sense of depth.

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