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06 Nov How to Set-Up a File for Print
Downe James 0 850
How to Set-Up A File for Print When creating graphics for print, there are many programs you can use. Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign hold the monopoly on graphic design, and to be honest they’ve got the procedure down to a fine art.That said, we have clients that send us files made in Corel, which is totally fine. The programs you want to st..
12 Apr Should Your Small Business Choose Digital or Printed Letterhead?
Administrator System 0 5297
Photo Credit: Angela Heidt[/caption] Your business letterhead is an important (some would say vital) marketing tool, one that should never be overlooked. Not only does it communicate your company’s brand via marketing communications, it helps to establish credibility and ensures that all who receive your communications understand that your company..
11 Apr How Do I Design my Trade Show Booth?
Downe James 0 1226
How Do I Design my Trade Show Booth? We've all seen the cluttered trade show booths with bad design included. You remember them ...but for all of the wrong reasons!  Optimizing your trade show booth design and layout is extremely important to ensure your trade show budget isn't wasted. In the first few seconds that trade show attendees view your bo..
15 Nov Pull Up Banner Replacement Graphics
Downe James 0 3350
Pull Up Banner Replacement GraphicsSo you've got a retractable banner stand that is still in good condition, but the graphics are for an old promotion or event. Do you have a new event approaching, but want to reuse the stand? Good news. You can. Pull up banner replacement graphics are easy to create, and can bring life to an old stand.You can reus..
31 Oct Great Options for Backwall Displays or Backwall Graphics
0 856
Great Options for Backwall Displays or Backwall GraphicsWhether your hosting a media event, planning your wedding or exhibiting at a trade show you'll probably need to consider the options for your backwall displays to create an enticing visual for photographs or brand marketing. For this reason, we'll take you through a several options and price p..
19 Oct Stand Up Banners for Trade Shows
0 958
Stand Up Banners for Trade ShowsIf you want to quickly and easily portray your company in a trade show setting, you should be using stand up banners. These banner stands are a great addition to any event, working in conjunction with your trade show booth or has an incredible range of retractable banner stands available in th..
10 Oct Magnetic Replacement Trade Show Panels
0 1027
Magnetic Replacement Trade Show PanelsAre you looking to refresh your existing pop up trade show booth with fresh new graphics? KCB Graphics specializes in magnetic replacement trade show panels for your existing frame system. We'll work with you to ensure you receive quality panels that fit properly, perform well and represent your brand professio..
28 Sep Custom Printed Tablecloths - A Brief Explanation
Downe James 0 813
Custom Printed Tablecloths - A Brief Explanation A great trade show booth does not stop with a great back wall or display. If you're in a space not suited for a large format trade show display, you can still make an impact with custom printed tablecloths. has everything you need for custom printed tablecloths and runners in the GT..
20 Mar Custom Outdoor Flags For Businesses
Downe James 0 1254
Custom Outdoor Flags For BusinessesCustom outdoor flags can be found outside of storefronts, promoting a business in an outdoor festival or market, as well as a trade show convention to enhance a brand's presence.  Spring is upon us, and this means we'll slowly be pulling ourselves out of our shells and back outside.  These flags can be used inside..
16 Mar Convention Displays: Pop-Up Displays Made Simple
Downe James 0 1320
Convention Displays: Pop-Up Displays Made SimpleThere are so many different options when trying to choose your convention displays.  You may see material names like Tension Fabric, Truss Displays, as well as brand names like Formulate and Vector.  There are straight displays, but then there are horizontally and vertically curved ones as well.  In a..
16 Feb Pop Up Banner Replacement Graphics Explained
Downe James 0 784
Pop Up Banner Replacement Graphics ExplainedPop up banner replacement graphics are an easy way to freshen up an old display.Do you have an old stand and need new graphics?A good quality banner stand is, generally speaking, made for more than a single use.  You might have only needed your graphic for a single event, or maybe just one season.  Other ..
09 Dec The Best Custom Outdoor Banner Stands
Downe James 0 1241
The Best Custom Outdoor Banner StandsIf you want a stand capable of handling the outdoors, our Custom Outdoor Banner Stands are for you.  These stands are perfect for outdoor events, farmers markets, sidewalks, or booths at festivals.  With 3 different outdoor stands and 2 unique sidewalk signs, we have you is a leading supp..
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