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21 Jun The Best Banner Stands for Fall Events
Downe James 0 262
The Best Banner Stands for Fall Events Fall is a great time for events and shows. School events. Trade shows and conferences. Fall sales. So many industries kick up their marketing in the fall, and all of them need to be prepared and look their best. Presenting your brand in its best light is one of the most important factors when thinking about yo..
16 May Replacing Your Magnetic Trade Show Display Panels
Downe James 0 347
What is a Magnetic Trade Show Display? There are many types of trade show displays, with many differences from style to style. Some of the best are magnetic panel displays. Basically, a series of panels are held to a frame using magnetic channel bars.They’re easy to put up, last a long time, and are opaque so light does not shine through. Often, th..
10 Jan Custom Fabric Ceiling Signs
Downe James 0 363
Custom Fabric Ceiling Signs to Enhance Your Next Trade Show Looking to enhance your trade show booth a little more than your average competitor? Or maybe you have a store or shopping area where you want to display some branded signage. Custom fabric ceiling signs adds a bit of colour and style above the usual, infusing your space with even more per..
16 Nov Fantastic Displays for Food & Wine Expos
Downe James 0 811
Amazing Food & Wine Trade Show Displays A food & wine trade show is a great event for vendors and attendees. People are there to experience and try new things. We all know that half of a great meal is the presentation, so you’ll want your food & wine trade show display to look its absolute best. A wine expo provides a decadent atmosphere, where a b..
02 Mar Charity Event Trade Show Setup
Downe James 0 617
Charity Event Trade Show Setup There are many different types of charity events. There are auctions, art exhibits, and galas for any number of worthwhile causes. Whatever you have planned, raising money and awareness for a specific cause can be deeply rewarding and beneficial. In this post, I hope to give you some ideas for products you can use to ..
22 Feb Health Fair Booth Ideas
Downe James 0 3224
Health Fair Booth Ideas Making an impact at any trade show takes planning, marketing, and compelling giveaways. If you are a presenter at an upcoming health & wellness fair, or if you are the hosting venue for a health fair, you may be looking for some great health & wellness fair marketing items. We can provide promotional items, trade show displa..
10 Feb Marketing Items for Golf Tournaments
0 874
Marketing Items for Golf Tournaments There are many marketing items for golf tournaments to choose from. If you want your tournament to be a success, you’ll need marketing material to both help people find their way and enhance the event. Outdoor banners and marketing flags can show your guests how to get around. Coroplast signs are a great way to ..
08 Feb Custom Branded Water Bottles for Every Business
Downe James 0 818
Custom Branded Water Bottles for Every Business Getting your logo onto useful products that actually get used is hard. Making your brand visible can be difficult, but high quality promotional products are a great place to start. With custom branded water bottles, your logo get onto an item that can be used again and again, taken on the go, and vis..
15 Nov What You Need to Know About Construction Banners
Downe James 0 1358
High Quality Construction Banners Custom construction banners are perfect for use on your site, quickly advertising your company’s logo and information for the duration of your job. These banners are printed on a perforated mesh material reducing wind resistance and making them easy to attach to a chain link fence. is a leading prov..
06 Nov How to Set-Up a File for Print
Downe James 0 1880
How to Set-Up A File for Print When creating graphics for print, there are many programs you can use. Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign hold the monopoly on graphic design, and to be honest they’ve got the procedure down to a fine art.That said, we have clients that send us files made in Corel, which is totally fine. The programs you want to ..
12 Apr Should Your Small Business Choose Digital or Printed Letterhead?
Administrator System 0 15685
Photo Credit: Angela Heidt[/caption] Your business letterhead is an important (some would say vital) marketing tool, one that should never be overlooked. Not only does it communicate your company’s brand via marketing communications, it helps to establish credibility and ensures that all who receive your communications understand that your company..
11 Apr How Do I Design my Trade Show Booth?
Downe James 0 2483
How Do I Design my Trade Show Booth? We've all seen the cluttered trade show booths with bad design included. You remember them ...but for all of the wrong reasons!  Optimizing your trade show booth design and layout is extremely important to ensure your trade show budget isn't wasted. In the first few seconds that trade show attendees view your bo..
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