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13 Aug Tips for Selecting Trade Show Promotional Items
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By now most businesses realize the value in offering promotional items at trade shows, but many do not put in much time or effort into selecting their trade show promotional items. Spending just a little time reviewing the options and considering the following tips your business’ promotional items can have much more impact. First, you want to choos..
28 May Enhance Traffic with Custom Promotional Products
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Trade shows offer an amazing opportunity for businesses to make connections with visitors and create new leads. Promotional products are a definite must-have for any successful trade show as they not only give your potential lead a concrete item with your contact information, but they also set you apart from the competition. Items that tend to have..
19 May Choosing Promotional Items for your Business That Last
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Give-aways and promotional items are a key part of marketing for your company, which is why you want to choose lasting promotional items for your business. These types of items stick around for a long time, meaning the user gets more exposure to your brand. The promotional items for your business should reflect the type of business that you are, so..
10 Feb Trade Show Giveaways That Last!!
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What’s the point of trade show promotional items? Like any marketing effort it’s all about exposure – getting your business name and brand out there so the next time someone is in need of what you offer your business is the first thing they think of. So no matter what your trade show giveaway item is, as long as it sticks around and reminds people ..
16 Aug How Promotional Products Can Turn into More Business
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There are many things happening at any given time during a trade show. As such, it can be difficult to capture and keep the attention of an attendee who browses by your display, unless you can give him a reason to stay – a free gift. However, there is a fine line between promotional products that may help you attract your business and just throwing..
28 Jul Using Promotional Products to Enhance Advertising
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Sometimes the best marketing plan is a simple one: give away a free product in order to get more customers. However, before you just start throwing promotional products at people take some time to plan your marketing campaign carefully. For one thing, your giveaway needs to tie into your product your service, and should be branded with your logo an..
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