Different Types of Banner Stands

There are three main types of banner stands.  They are: Retractable, Telescopic, and Spring Back.

I’m going to explain a little bit about each style, hopefully giving you a bit more comfort when choosing a stand for your next trade show, media event, or just to add some impact to your office or retail space.

In the end, all three of these types of banner stands do the same thing, it’s the subtle (and not-so-subtle) differences that divide them.

Types of Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

Base of a retractable stand.

The easiest and most common type of stands are the retractable stands.  The banner itself, whether printed on our economy 12 ounce vinyl, or the premium, stay-flat decolit, is contained within the base of the stand.

When not in use, the banner graphic rolls down into the base, wound within the stand using a spring loaded mechanism.

To set up a retractable stand, extend the pole, place the bottom end in the designated spot in the base, pull up the top of the banner, and firmly attach it to the pole.  To take the stand down, holding onto the top rail, simply detach the top rail from the pole and gently allow the mechanism to pull the banner down within the base.

These come in the widest variety of models, ranging from a  value-priced economy stand like the Econo-Tough or the Freedom, our standard line, including the Blade LX and Pacific, up to the premium line of stands like the Barracuda or the Banner Bug.

Installing a retractable stand with a removable cassette.

The bases themselves are slightly different, from model to model.  Some have a removal cassette within the base, so you can easily change out the banner for another.  Others do not, making changing the graphic a little harder to change (but still possible).

If you had a specific or unique question to ask about your stand, what it can do, or what you need it for, our staff would be happy to help.

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Unlike retractable stands, a telescopic banner stand is essentially two separate pieces: the banner, and a telescopic pole. In a few models, like the Dash or Pegasus, the pole is freestanding.  In others, say the Uno or the Telescopic 4, the banner is needed to create tension to maintain balance.

There is no base to a telescopic stand, the banner is simply unrolled and attached to the pole, and held in place by tension.

The most popular telescopic for us is the Pegasus, as it provides a unique difference from the retractable stands.  The dimensions of this stand are variable.  Use as either a vertical, portrait style stand, or alter the format for a an eye catching back wall or a quick solution to a step-and-repeat media wall.

Spring Back

Backs of two different tension stands.

A spring back banner stand, like the telescopic models, has no base.  The stand is a usually a tripod-based structure, which will stand loosely on its own, but tightens up once the banner is attached.  In most cases, one grommet in each corner of the banner holds the graphic in place.

These stands are lightweight, easy to ship or carry, and set-up fast.  They have the extra benefit of being able to change out the graphics, simply by attaching a different banner when you need it.  Print several to keep on hand, and you can easily move through several events over several days, displaying a different banner on the same stand.