Corporate Custom Flags for Trade Shows

Are you thinking of using corporate custom flags at your next trade show or event?  Our range of indoor and outdoor spinning flags are available 3 different models (teardrop, feather, straight), and additionally come in 3 different heights. is a leading provider of marketing and products in Toronto, Ontario.  Take a look at our Flags and Pole Banners, as well as our complete range of trade show products. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-350-7152 with any questions.

What height is best for your corporate custom flags?

When choosing which flag is best,  you should first consider the locations you will use them in.  We offer these flags in 3 heights, 10', 12', or 16'.  To begin with, are you using these flags outdoors?  If you are putting them outside, will you use them either outside of a storefront or a sidewalk?  Or maybe in a parking lot?  If your primary viewer will be on foot, the 10' height may be preferable.  If, though, most of your viewers will be driving, to be seen from a greater distance, you will probably want the 16' models.

We produce our corporate custom flags either single-sided or double-sided.  We use a slightly transparent material for the single-sided flags.  When we print double-sided the flags are opaque.  All the flags slide onto a long, flexible pole.  The top third of the pole will bend under the tension.  They are meant to be taught.  Don't worry if you have to pull the flag tight to attach it to the pole.

The basic kit includes your flag, stitched and ready to go, as well as the pole, a floor stand for indoor use, as well as a ground stake it you want to set up the flag outside.  Also included is an inflatable "donut" for use with the indoor stand.  You can fill this "donut" with water and place it over the indoor stand for extra stability.

The 3 models of flags

Choose from our 3 corporate custom flag shapes, either the straight, the teardrop, or the feather.  Honestly, these models are all very similar.  We print them on the same 4 oz. material and they set up the same way.  It's all based on your aesthetic preference.

What if I need a stronger base?

If you need something designed to take harsher outdoor conditions, we do provide a bigger, stronger base.  These (like the "donut") can hold water for extra weight.  Extra feet extend for stability.  A bottom screw holds the pole in place.  You can use this stand for any of the flag models and sizes.

When you design a corporate custom flag, keep in mind they're pieces to draw in your audience.  To attract attention.  You don't want these show detailed information, but to be noticeable from a distance.  If you need, our experts can provide helpful templates and information, or we can design your flag, placing your logo and keeping your brand professional.  Feel free to contact us for details.