If you are unaccustomed to getting up close and personal with trade show displays, then you likely aren’t aware of all the different types of trade show displays there are, and their various features. This is important, as you want to choose the display that captures and maintains interest so your sales staff can convert visitors into customers.

The purpose of a trade show display can be to increase brand recognition, highlight the products and services you offer, and secure interest in what your business offers, or a combination of the above. Different types of displays can accomplish various tasks, so the trade show display you choose depends entirely on what your aim is, as well as your budget.


Types of Displays


Pop-Up Displays: A very popular, affordable, and easy to set up display, the pop-up is composed of lightweight frames and plastic/vinyl panels. Compact and easy to carry the pop-up is great for any size of display and can be expanded over time.

Panel Display: A bit more flexible than the pop-up display, a panel trade show display will adjust in size to suite any size of booth to allow for more impact, although it is a bit heavier to travel with.

Table-Top Display: Perfect for smaller booths/events, this display is set up on a table so it is smaller and easier to transport, however it has less impact on viewers than larger displays.

Roll-Up Display: Fast, big, and lots of impact, a roll-up display is lightweight and easy to setup but not quite as versatile as the smaller systems.

Custom Display: When none of the above will do then a custom trade show display is the way to go. You can choose the components that will work best with your display, and offer the most impact.

Not sure which type of display to choose? The next time you are at a trade show display take a look around, or ask an expert designer at KCB Graphics for a no-obligation consultation.


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