Advertising is an effective and essential sales tool for any business, but some of the more mainstream advertising methods (newspaper, radio, flyers, etc.) may be too costly for a brief campaign, or to introduce a new product line. In these cases vinyl banners can be just the trick to draw attention to your business, without blowing your budget.

Durability = Savings

Paper banners can be low cost, but in general won’t hold up through high wind, rain, or other inclement weather. Vinyl banners in Canada are strong and weatherproof, so you can be confident that they will keep drawing in customers no matter what Mother Nature is doing. High end vinyl banners have special UV protection coating and can last up to 5 years, which makes them a perfect outdoor sign to attract attention over the long term.

Advanced Technology

New printing and ink technology has made it simpler than ever to have a high-quality, durable vinyl banner for your business. Whether you are looking for mono-tone, dual-colour, or full-colour, graphic artists can create virtually any type of design to be printed on your banner. To protect your investment the banner is coated several times with water and UV-proof material so it remains looking great no matter where you put it.

Variety of Finishes

Depending on where you are planning to hang your new vinyl banner there are several print material options. For example, outdoor signs are often made from scrim vinyl, which is very weather resistant. Additionally, if you are planning a two-sided print (to hang under a sign, for example) you can request blackout vinyl so no light seeps through. Mesh vinyl is another popular option, as it lets wind travel though so your banner lasts longer in windy conditions.

As an advertisement, welcome sign, trade show display, or in practically any capacity, vinyl banners are an affordable and long-lasting way to attract attention to your company, product, or service.


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