Hanging Ceiling Banners

Attract attention to your booth from anywhere in the venue, and truly make your brand rise above the rest.  Hanging Ceiling Banners are made from pillowcase tension fabrics pulled over lightweight aluminum tube frames.  To set these up, simply snap the hanging frame together and pull the graphic over the structure.  These ceiling banners are portable and hang over your trade show booth or retail space.

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Our hanging ceiling banners come in three different shapes: square, round, triangle.  Each of these shapes are available in 9 different sizes.  Choose from between 8’ in diameter and 2’ high up to 12’ in diameter and 4’ high.  Perfect for trade show events and convention halls, these hanging signs are printed in full colour on a power stretch polyester fabric using a dye-sublimation process.  While printed in full colour, these pillowcase graphics do allow light to shine through.  This will lighten your image, but this also means they are slightly translucent.  The frames of these hanging displays are made from lightweight aluminium poles which snap together with ease.  The fabrics used on our hanging signs are all specially treated to meet all fire and safety codes across North America.  Once pulled over the frame, these pillowcase graphics are secured in place with a zipper which runs along the bottom of the frame.

While the products shown are for single-sided hanging displays, we do offer double-sided graphics, or even flat bottom hanging signs with graphics printed on the very bottom.  For info on these options, please just ask.