Folding Panel Displays

Folding displays panels are a great way to bring a professional appearance, even if you do not have the space or budget for a larger trade show display. These panels are portable and superbly crafted, with a seamless fabric backing to show off your graphics with pride.  Great for small businesses looking to start displaying at trade shows, these panels assemble easily and require no tools to set up. Optional graphics are attached to your panels using velro, and can either be removed for travel or stored inside your display already mounted.

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Most panels are tri-fold displays, having one focal point with two side panels, though the EFEX line does have 4, 5, or more panels for a greater visual impact. Perfect for trade shows, business conferences, or school presentations, the folding panel displays are designed for easy set up, travel and storage. As the graphics are easily removed, you can change your messaging with a second or third set of graphics, with no need for another folding display panel.

The Voyager Folding Panels have a velco compatible fabric interior, and a hard back, thermoformed ABS exterior to keep your display protected when you travel.

The EFEX panels have rounded corners, and have fabric on both interior and exterior.