Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays are easy to assemble and lightweight, showing off your professional graphics with true flare.  The idea is simple, with the artwork printed on a power stretch fabric which is then attached tight to a frame to present your brand or backwall to your customers.  Simply attach your graphics to your frame and you are good to go.  The fabric comes off easily, or can be left on the frame (as long as you’ve got some time for creases to fade once you set it back up).

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These displays are in full colour using dye sublimation printing.  The frames are collapsible, and pack down small for easy shipping or transport.  Our Fabric Trade Show Displays are available in a number of models, from 3 feet wide ‘banner stand’ formats to full 10 or 12 foot wide backdrops.  And these sizes come either in straight or curved models, with or without end caps to give you a full range of flexibility and options.

Like the fabric trade show displays, the Multi-Panel Fabric Displays are collapsible and easy to set-up, but the unique attachment method allows for some truly original and creative options for your artwork.  Frames are segmented, providing a clasp at every intersection for the fabric to be divided up into smaller sections.  With a little bit of consideration, you can add a variety of depth to your display, bringing the shape and form of the frame in line with the artwork.  There are also the very unique diamond shape frames, available in either 7 or 14 foot wide formats, to draw even more attention to your display, your company, and your brand.

The Dimension Fabric Trade Show Display Kits offer you some extras to your fabric display.  The frame are identical to the Fabric Trade Show Displays, but with add-ons like counters, trade show lighting, literature racks, and monitor mounts.  These kits are available with full colour graphics, or without if for your existing Fabric Trade Show Display.