SEG Fabric Displays

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) are stretchable fabric prints that have a silicone strip sewn along the perimeter.  This strip fits into a groove in the frame system.  The frame, the fabric, and silicone strip fit together perfectly to create tension fits keeps you graphic smooth.  The fabric is printed using dye-sublimation, and shows off your company graphics in full colour with the highest resolution.  The frame is specially constructed with a channel meant to hold the silicone edge sewn into the border of your fabric graphics.  The edge snaps into place easily, without the need for tools.

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The lightweight, aluminium frames are easy to set up, using a simple connector system at every joint.  To install the graphics, simply push the thin silicone edge into the specialized groove in the frame.  Start in one corner, pushing the edge into the groove, and then move to the opposite, diagonal corner.  Once these two corners are in place you should push in the middle of each side, working your way out to keep the fabric stretched tight across the frame.  The fabric will be stretched tight across the frame, ensuring your artwork is ripple free.  The result is a professional backdrop, banner, or display to promote, announce, and show off your product or brand.

Stackable Fabric Displays use the SEG system to give you something unique.  If you’re looking for a tall display reaching as high as 14.8’, the Stackable Fabric Displays will be perfect for you.  These displays come in U-Shape, L-Shape, or straight frames.  They can be used to create seamless displays much larger than the usual.  If you need a fabric display that reaches 30’ long or 14.8’ high, take a look at our stackable fabric displays.

The Vector Trade Show Display Panels are great, smaller, freestanding displays.  Like the stackable displays, they use the SEG system to showcase your artwork and graphics.  Unlike the stackable displays, these are smaller units.  Straight panels come in either square or rectangle frames.  The full colour, high quality fabrics snap into the frame for a tight, professional display.

The Vector Fabric Trade Show Displays utilize the SEG push-fit system along with unique frames.  Made for either a 10’ or 20’ tradeshow space, these displays use the SEG system with creative and dynamic frames.  Various panels and sections of the frame come forward from others.  Using right angles and subtle curves, these frames can really make your artwork stand out.  Different displays come with different add-ons like lighting, shipping cases, counters, and literature pockets.