Pillowcase Fabric Displays

With advance aluminium frames and high quality pillowcase graphics, our Pillowcase Fabric Dislays are a quick, clean and professional method to make your event truly shine.  Kits come in several different sizes and curve options, and some do include front curved accents, low voltage lighting, tabletops and/or counter, literature pockets, headers and top accents. All kits come in a hard molded transport case designed to make shipping, storing and transporting your display safe and secure.

These displays come in a variety of sizes, as well as several options for a straight or curved setup.  The 8 foot display is available in a straight, vertically curved, or horizontally curved options.  The 10 foot displays come in both curved or straight frames, though these kits have a few more options, utilizing a range of different add ons, from stand-off literature pockets or shelves, monitor mounts, or even a side panel with its own pillowcase graphic to give your display an extra sense of depth.

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The 20 foot displays are broad, encompassing visual pieces, that simply cannot be missed.  Like the 8 and 10 foot models, these fabric displays are available in either the straight, horizontal, or vertical curves designs. In addition, the 20 foot versions are also available in the unique ‘serpentine’ design, which gives a gentle, elegant flow to any trade show environment.  All accents and accessories available for the smaller displays can also be added to any of the 20 foot models.

All of our pillowcase fabric dislays are printed on a power stretch polyester fabric using a dye-sublimation process.  While printed in full colour, these pillowcase graphics do allow light to shine through, brightening your image, though this means they are slightly translucent.  This process is similar to our Essential Displays.  The frames of our fabric popup displays are made from advanced, lightweight aluminium poles which snap together easily, allowing you to focus on more than just setup before a trade show.  These fabrics are all specially treated to meet all fire and safety codes across North America.  Once pulled over your frame, your graphics are secured in place with a zipper which runs along the bottom of the stand, hiding all seams to provide one complete vibrant image.

The wide array of choices, both with your frame and the accents available, make our fabric popup displays make it easy to glamorize any space, no matter the size.  For companies willing to go the extra mile, it is quite simple to mix and match any of these displays, adding counters, monitors mounts, or even a Backwall Connector to join any two frames.  For extra info on any of our displays please do not hesitate to contact us for honest answers, either by our toll free number at 1-800-350-7152, our contact us form, or by clicking the ‘Live Support’ icon found at the top of our site.  No matter your needs, we would be happy to work with you to find a design to best fit your space.