Fabric Displays

Printed in Toronto with vibrant, full colour graphics, our fabric displays are a great way to add life and flair to any trade show booth. These displays come in a variety of sizes to fit any venue, from a 3’ Hopup to a 20’ Formulate display, we have the display to suit your needs.  They are quick to set-up, just expand or snap together the lightweight frame, and then pull the stretch fabric over the frame and into position.  Some displays use a velcro system to attached the graphics (like the Hopup), while others use a pillowcase graphic (like the Formulate).

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The Hopup Display uses a collapsible lightweight frame which can be opened up in seconds.  The graphic attaches using velcro on all sides, and all models are available with or without endcaps.  Choose between a straight or curved frames, with sizes including 3’, 6’, 8’, 10’, and 12’ wide.  If your budget is a little larger, check out the Dimension Display Kits which utilize the same Hopup system, but increase your chance to engage with your audience using literature, step up counters, or LCD monitor mounts.

The Essential Displays use an economy fabric with a pillowcase system, and can create a unique vertical, horizontal, or serpentine curve to your frame. Though they only come in 8’ or 10’ sizes, these lightweight displays are a great solution for tighter spaces, and a cheaper option than the Formulate displays.

Our Formulate Fabric Back Walls offer the greatest range of options, and use a similar pillowcase frame system as the Essential Displays.  The frames are made with a sturdy, lightweight aluminium, and come with a hard molded shipping case.  Use the accent accessories to increase any display, adding in more space for engaging your customers, including shelves, counters, or even monitor mounts.

Whether you need a single panel or an encompassing exhibition kit, the Vector Frame Fabric Displays can give you a more sophisticated and clean look.  While not as simple to set up as the Hopup or Formulate displays, the Vector frames assemble with ease and use a push-fit system to snap the fabric graphics in place.  The display kits are more elaborate, and can involve and engage your customers in your trade show environment using unique folds, curves, counters and monitor mounts.

If you would like to compliment your backwall further, click here to see our line of tabletop displays including Hopup, Essential, and Formulate models.

While shopping for your trade show display, please keep in mind that the fabric displays, while lightweight and quick to set up, are naturally transparent, allowing a percentage of light to shine through.  While this can increase brightness and allow for a more open feel, it does not provide colours or images as crisp as printing on a PVC panel used in a Coyote Popup display.  All displays are washable, though we do recommend only eco-dry cleaning your fabrics.  Every tension fabric display comes with either a nylon carrying bag or a moulded hard shipping case, and some kits include literature racks, overhead lighting, or counters.  Please see the individual specs to ensure your display includes everything you need, or contact us for upgrading your display to include counters or lighting.