Truss Displays

Easily customized, our Truss Displays are assembled with one simple tool which is supplied with each kit. The specially designed connecting system is strong, secure, and simple to use. This trade show system is completely modular and is easily reconfigured to suit a larger or smaller trade show booth. Each truss display kit is made in Toronto and comes complete with all the parts, fixtures and fittings you need to create a successful exhibit, including (depending on the kit) low voltage spotlights, adjustable tabletops and full colour graphics.

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The frame assembles using a twist & lock method, with cube connectors which can be used to join straight or curved lengths to any of its six sides. Brilliant, high quality graphics can be printed on PVC Panels or polyester fabric, based on the customers needs, and allow the unique appearance of the frame to add depth to your graphics. These displays lend themselves to feelings of strength, reliability, and durability, while still allowing your branding come forward and enhance your exhibition presence.

Our Truss based Trade Show Displays feature a backwall which can be reconfigured in multiple ways to suit your trade show space. Simply add a new section from any kit to grow your display as your business grows. This could be a monitor mount, shelving, tables, or even another panel section to your display.

Our complete truss display kits are designed to fill either a 10’ by 10’, a 10’ by 20’, or a 20’ by 20’ trade show booth sizes. These kits can transform a vibrant trade show booth into a complete, immersive environment, welcoming your customers and drawing them in. Shelves and tables can be adjusted to meet your needs, working alongside the modular system a for great deal of variety.  Quality is reflected in the price point, as is the display’s ability for versatility.

The Truss Trade Show Accessories include a range of high quality counters and podiums to enhance your Truss display. These accessories come in your choice of four different thermoform finishes, and a variety of shapes to match your display and your branding.  Heighten the counters by adding your own custom graphics, printed in on a single panel fix attaches to the front face of your counter.

The Atlantis truss display kits, while from the same line of displays, really deserves a section all to itself. Utilizing the same snap & lock connection method, the curve of the backwall and the versatility enable the Atlantis display to truly stand out. Change the end curves to display a podium, table, or LCD monitor mount.  Add panels to increase the total length, using the curved end pieces give the Atlantis a perfect merging of industrial strength with natural grace.

All graphics are printed on high quality PVC panel, which are laminated using  for extra durability.  KCB Graphics will ensure the high quality of printing, giving your display vibrancy and life to your images and colours, ensuring your display truly stands out from the competition.