Utilizing Window Signs for Business

One of the most underutilized marketing opportunities that many businesses and organizations have is their window real estate. Most small businesses will have several large windows across the front of their location and if you've got heavy foot or vehicle traffic this represents an excellent opportunity for utilizing window signs for business.

Window Signs for Business

Relatively new vinyl decal products can be applied to the outside of the window allowing for full colour marketing to your prospects that pass by but also allows employees to see outside as they normally would.

Standing inside looking out through the window graphics.

Loretto College School in Toronto was seeking to promote their schools upcoming 100th anniversary. They contacted KCB Graphics and supplied us with a picture of the front of their school.  Their large bank of windows on the front of the school were an obvious opportunity to promote their anniversary.

Although budgets didn't allow for the complete covering of all of the windows we were able to create unique, classy window graphics that promoted the long history of Loretto College School.

The install site was photographed. Each window accurately measured which ensured a smooth and precise installation.

Working with our client, our graphic designers then created several possible versions based on our initial meetings and discussions.

Loretto College School Rough Proof 1

Loretto College School Rough Proof 2

Loretto College School Rough Proof 3

To get a sense of how each design concept would look installed we were able to impose these digital proofs on photographs of the actual building which gives a much better perspective of how each design will look in a finished install. (shown below)

Rough Proof 1 Imposed on the Building.

Rough Proof 2 Imposed on the Building.

Rough Proof 3 Imposed on the Building.

Once we received client approval, the full colour window graphics were printed on high quality pressure sensitive vinyl.  After allowing the printed graphic adequate drying time they were laminated with an optically clear laminate. This protects the graphics from harmful UV rays and allows you to see out from the inside without any distortion or cloudiness. After final trimming they were transported to the school and installed, the final installation is shown below.

The Finished Product!

It's important to understand that not all window graphics are created equally. Choosing a vendor based solely on price without ensuring they're using a good quality vinyl and laminate can result in a window graphic that will start to fade or peel away in the corners within the first couple of years. We've seen these bad installations scattered throughout the GTA.

Failing Window Graphics

Window Signs for Business, printed in full colour on a good quality vinyl and laminate that's installed with care should last without fading or peeling for at least 5 years!! After 5 years most companies should be looking to freshen their marketing message. In our experience if you've got a business in a high traffic location window graphics will pay for themselves many times over!!

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