vinyl graphics

You’ve seen them in the windows of various retail stores such as Starbucks; full colour, vinyl window graphics that partially or completely cover a window. Is your business in a high traffic area? Do you have limitations on the types of signage you can attach to the building you’re in? Perforated window graphics can provide a great way to catch the attention of potential customers that are passing by.

Window Graphics

A sample of vinyl window graphics.

The Benefits of Window Graphics

With perforated vinyl window graphics, any window becomes an opportunity to attract attention. These window graphics are manufactured so that when viewed from the outside, pedestrian and vehicle traffic can’t help but take notice. From the inside, the print disappears and you see straight through it. It’s inexpensive enough to use for mid-term marketing campaigns and durable enough to last for two years outdoors when laminated.

  • Utilize windows to impress customers
  • Graphics do not obstruct the view out the window
  • Allows for natural light to pass through
  • Improves security by making it harder to see into the windows

The picture below was taken standing about six feet from the door. As you can see the inside of the shop is not visible and the graphics look solid and vibrant.

From the outside graphics will look like this.

The picture below was taken from inside looking out.

Standing inside looking out.

The Features of Window Graphics

  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive, when comparing impressions per dollar spent
  • Bold, vivid graphics
  • Weather resistant — wont yellow or fade
  • 2 years + outdoor life when laminated
  • Easy to remove & replace

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