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Pop Up Displays – The Basics

At the simplest level, most pop up displays set up basically the same way.  You have a frame, which needs to be set in place.  This can be a quick process (such as a collapsible frame found in a lot of fabric displays), a bungee or aluminum tube system (think of those poles used for setting up a tent), or a versatile twist and lock system (like that of the truss displays). is a leading supplier of trade show products in Toronto, Ontario.  Please take a look at our pop up display pricing and don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-350-7152.

Pop Up Displays collapsible frame

A sturdy, well made collapsible Pop Up Display frame

After putting up the frame, you attach your graphics.  This can be fabric attached by velcro, stretched and pulled over your frame, or PVC panels held in place with magnetic strips.  You can add on some extras, like lighting, monitor mounts, or counters.  Voila!  You are done!  Or…are you?

Pop Up Displays

Whether your display is fabric, laminated PVC panel, an elaborate truss system with overhead signage, or the simplest backdrop media wall, not all pop up displays are equal.


Pay Attention to the Details

Pop Up Displays bad-example

White space between panels is sign that something isn’t quite right

Now, we all know how we shop online.  We’re always looking for the cheapest price.  Seems like this is a good mantra, but the old saying, “you get what you pay for” holds true.  If you’re searching for a cheaper option, well, chances are you’re going to end up with a cheaper product.

Please, take some time, and don’t think cheap and affordable mean the same thing.  Often, when you put in a bit more into the budget, you get a LOT more return in quality.

Pop Up Displays bad-example_3

Some cheaper Pop Up Displays can have problems with their magnets

The cheapest aluminium frame for your fabric display can bend and twist, causing your backwall to sag or ripple.  Pop up displays with magnetic channel bars might not hold tight, or the panels themselves might be cut too narrow, causing space to show between the sections.  If you’ve got a good frame, but the panels have been printed on a cheaper quality panel, they made have shrunk since printing.  It can be frustrating to set up pop up displays like this.

It can make what should be a quick and easy process turn into a chore.

In addition to all this stuff about frames, quality is also greatly influenced by what your graphics are printed on.  Is your fabric printed in the traditional dye-sub method, or digitally?  Do you have issues with banding?  Are the PVC panels thin, or perhaps you’ve saved money by not having them laminated?  All of these things can greatly influence the quality of your product, and the impression you’re giving to your audience.

It Doesn’t Have to Be this Way

I mentioned already that a little more budget could greatly help your quality, and I meant it.  Searching for a mid-range pop up display will mean a product which lasts longer in the long run.  To get the most of your pop up display, to make your display last, ask questions when you buy your display.  How thick is the panel?  Is it laminated?  If you’re getting fabric, find out how it will be printed, if it has a solid back, or how the frame comes together.  It’s alright to ask, it’s what we’re here for.



When choosing your Fabric Trade Show Backwalls, the options could see slightly daunting.  We’re here to help you with your choices.  What are your options for Fabric Trade Show Displays?  Pillowcase and Tension Fabric are the two main options for fabric.  Yes, the fabric is a bit different for both, and so is the frame beneath.

Fabric Trade Show Displays


Pillowcase Fabric Displays

Fabric Trade Show Displays


To sum this up easily, the pillowcase display systems work is like a taught, stretchy pillowcase which is pulled over an aluminum frame.  The frame snaps together like a camping tent, with either an interior bungee holding individual poles together or a simple button lock mechanism.


A Pillowcase Trade Show Frame

A Pillowcase Trade Show Frame


Side and corners for your pillowcase frame

Sides and corners for your pillowcase frame


Once the frame is assembled, the pillowcase fabric can be pulled over top of the frame (either by lying the whole thing face-up on a clean surface, or standing up if you have three or more people, depending on the size of the particular stand).  These are usually pretty tight, especially at the bottom where you’ll have to pull a zipper to seal the bottom edge.  This is what the graphic is made for, and should stand, wrinkle free once in place.


The zipper will be snug

The zipper will be snug


Now, with all of this in mind, pillowcase fabric trade show displays have a solid fabric back.  This mean it can be a double-sided graphic, and that the extra fabric will help to somewhat diffuse any bright lights behind your display.  Of course, this is dependent on the lights in question, but generally this is more diffused than a single-sided Tension fabric display.


Pillowcase Fabric Trade Show Displays

A straight Pillowcase Fabric Display


Curved Pillowcase displays can be freestanding, but you’ll see in the pictures above that a straight display will include feet for a secure base.


Tension Fabric Displays


Straight Tension Fabric with Endcaps

Straight Tension Fabric with Endcaps


In contrast to the Pillowcase system, Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays attach to the front of your frame.  Instead of wrapping around your frame, they have Velcro stitched onto the back of your graphic.  The frame itself is greatly different from the pillowcase designs, remaining as a single piece which is design to expand to the full 8’ or 10’ display from a compact accordion-style system.

Lie Your Frame Down, So You can Attach Your Fabric Graphic

Lie Your Frame Down, So You can Attach Your Fabric Graphic


To assemble, two people can expand the frame from the corners, making sure it is face up.  Then, starting at one side, attach one edge of the fabric graphic, pulling tight to ensure it reaches both sides of the frame.

Like the pillowcase displays, this should be fairly tight, it’s what the fabric is made for.  Attach the graphic by working both sides down the frame, reducing wrinkles by keeping the fabric taught as you go.

Now, to be honest, you can keep the fabric graphic attached to this style of frame.  It makes set up simpler, but please note that this method can cause visible folds, wrinkles, or creases which will need time (an a ironing) to remove.


A Tension Fabric Display, from the back

A Tension Fabric Display, from the back


Unlike the pillowcase, there is no zipper, but neither is there a fabric back to reduce or diffuse the light which may be behind your trade show space.  Keep in mind this can affect different designs in different ways, as a graphic with a lot of white space or soft colours may shine brighter than dark or heavy saturated colours.


Straight, Curved, Serpentine




Both these options are available with either straight or curved frames.  The pillowcase displays have a third option called “serpentine”, which gives your display a curved wave.  They are also available in either horizontally or vertically curved options.

The tension fabrics, in comparison, can only curve horizontally, but all the tension frames have the option for a fabric endcap.  Tension fabric displays tend to have a greater amount of unique sizes, ranging from 2 ½’ to 12’ wide displays.

For more info on trade show display options, please call, or check out our post what-are-my-options-for-trade-show-displays.


Trade Show Displays in the GTA






If your organization has an upcoming convention or event and you’re  looking for a trade show displays in the GTA, has a large variety of great options for you. We’ve got traditional style pop ups, tension fabric and truss style displays as well. Our product lines allow us to work with you to ensure tour marketing goals and budgets can met.

Trade Show Displays in the GTA

Pop Up Trade Show Displays
Trade Show Displays in the GTAThis pop up trade show display utilizes high resolution printing on a 17 mil PVC with a durable pebbled laminate. The individual graphic panels are attached to the frame with magnetic strip. It runs on the vertical edges of each panel. With printing at 1440 DPI we’ll achieve stunning results with graphics that will grab your prospects attention.

The frame system and graphics assemble in approximately 10 minutes and everything packs down into the convenient shipping case.

The hardware for the system comes with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturers defects.

Fabric Trade Show Displays

Our fabric displays utilize high resolution dye sublimation printing on a durable polyester fabric which achieves deep rich images. This product offers the lowest price point in our pop up display category but still packs great impact!

The frame system and graphics assemble in an incredible 5 minutes and everything packs down into a convenient nylon shipping case.

Truss Trade Show Displays

Truss Trade Show DisplaysOur truss trade show displays provide a very unique industrial look. This modular system can be configured to suit many different trade show configurations. Graphics for this product are printed at 1440 DPI  on a 17 mil PVC with a durable pebbled laminate.

Assembly for this system is simple and involves no tools!



If you’re looking for trade show displays in the GTA and would like more information on the products you’ve seen here please visit the trade show displays section of our web site or call 1-800-350-7152.