Trade Show Displays

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If you want to quickly and easily portray your company in a trade show setting, you should be using stand up banners. These banner stands are a great addition to any event, working in conjunction with your trade show booth or display. has an incredible range of retractable banner stands available in the GTA, Toronto, and across Ontario.  If you’re interested in a banner stand for your next event, take a look at our wide selection of banner stands.  For any questions you may have, please call us at 1-800-350-7152.


Stand Up Banners

A stand up banner for use alongside a table throw.


Stand Up BannersGetting the Most of Your Stand Up Banners

You’ve seen them around. Lobbies and markets, malls and hotels. They do well in small spaces, creating interest when done well, but truly shine when used alongside other pieces. Stand up banners are simple retractable stands. They present information and inform viewers about your brand, specials offers, or a unique product.

On average, they range from $140 – $400, though their are more premium models (like the Banner Bug) which can run up to $650.



In a Trade Show Setting

In a trade show booth, alongside your display or back wall, stand up banners can help draw in potential interested customers from afar. They can catch the eye of someone passing by and make them into a customer. Often they can add depth to the larger back wall, providing you a way to enhance your presented information.

Generally, a trade show display will be an impactful image, but not contain much detailed information. The stand up banners are the next step, often offering up a little more in the way of detailed information. The third step would be creating take away items such as a brochure or pamphlet, which should have the most detailed information.

Stand up banners should come between the two. Keep this in mind while designing your stand.


Stand Up Banners

A stand up banner with a complimenting trade show display.


Stand Up Banners – What to Look For

There are many different makes and models here. They’re all lightweight and easily transported. Price point matters, as does the size. The standard sizes are around 31″ wide and 79″ – 84″ tall. If you want your stand up banners to be wider or taller, shorter, or even variable we can make that happen, but the price point will vary. Some have removable cartridges which make changing your graphic a breeze.

If you had any questions about which stand up banners are right for you, our expert staff is on hand to talk.


Stand Up Banners

At an outdoor event, custom event tents are a perfect way to announce yourself, and your brand, to all viewers.  We’ve all seen events where someone is using a poor quality, or even a shoddy or broken tent, so we know how that instantly reflects on the company and their product.

Don’t fall into the trap of using an older tent to promote your brand.  Getting high-quality, custom event tents is a worthwhile investment, and can be your first point of contact with your customer base. is a leading supplier of outdoor flags, banners, and tents in Toronto, Ontario.  Please take a look at our tents and pricing. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-350-7152 with any questions.

Custom event tents

Explaining Your Custom Event Tents

Alright, what are my options?

There are basic tents, without any printing.  (No, these aren’t custom, but I feel I should start here.)  You can get a pop up tent in 5 basic colours (black, blue, white, grey, red).

When you want a whole lot extra, you can have these custom event tents printed in full colour to promote you and your brand.  These set up the same as basic pop up tents (same frame, same set-up), but the full colour printed canopy really set it apart.

These tents are designed for a standard 10′ by 10′ space, and fold down easily to fit in one carry bag.  The canopy is a UV resistant polyester.


Custom Event TentsPrinted Backwalls and Sides

With both the custom event tents and the basic pop ups, you can add a backwall and/or sides to help create a unique event space for your show.  If your space backs onto another vendor, a backwall is a great way to ensure your customers are focused.

As with any good trade show display, making your outdoor summer event is all about environment.  Make your space professional and impactful.  Take some time on this, it represents your brand and your product.  Even if you decide to simply put up a tarp behind your tent, either to block wind or a competitor, take some care and make it look the best you can.


Custom Event Tents


How Your Custom Event Tent Works

Custom Events Tents

Corners will snap into place

Two people is best for putting one these up, but one person can do it with a bit of practice.  With the tent frame folded (the canopy should already be on the frame), stand it up and gently pull the corners so that it fills the 10′ by 10′ space.  Then, one by one, extend the legs out so the tent stands at it’s full height.  The corners should snap into place once everything is in place.  Depending on the make of your tent, you should have a 3 different height options.  (Make sure each leg is set at the same height.  Nothing is worse than a lopsided tent.)

That’s it.  If you’ve purchase a backwall or sides, these can be attached now, once the tent is up.  Okay, now that’s it.

Don’t miss out on that first impression.  If you have questions, or want to begin an order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts.

If you’re looking for tradeshow banners, you may require a retractable banner stand, a hanging banner sign, or a vinyl banner with stitching and grommets.  To help explain which is which, I’m going to give a quick explanation of each. offers options and pricing on three of these choices, providing professional and competitive solutions for all your banner, printing, and trade show needs.  For info and pricing on banner stands, please click here.  Or, if you’re interested in vinyl banners, either indoor and outdoor, click here.

Tradeshow Banners – Banner Stands

Roll Up Banners

One of the best ways to add character and colour to your tradeshow is either with a retractable, telescopic, or spring back banner stand.  These portable tradeshow banners set up within minutes and come in a variety of sizes.  We’ve spoken about the differences between these three stands before.  Check out that previous post if you’re looking for an in-depth look at these types of stands.

Retractable stands, also called roll up banners, use spring loaded cassettes.  Insert a collapsible pole into the base, pull up on the top rail of the tradeshow banner, and attach the rail to the pole and your set and ready to go.  Telescopic tradeshow banners work slightly differently.

The poles snap together to create a freestanding frame, and your banner is then attached to this frame.  These telescopic stands are often used for wide media walls.  A spring back tradeshow banner is a lighter stand.  This type of stand holds your banner up using tension.

Each of these are appropriate solutions for trade shows, expanding your visual impact at any event.

Backs of two different tension stands

Backs of two different tension stands

Hanging Tradeshow Banners

Tradeshow Banners Hanging SignMany trade shows will use hanging signs to get across their message.  These signs can be a great way to showcase your booth, as they hang above your space and do not interfere with foot traffic.

These signs are generally printed on semi-rigid, rollable, and waterproof material called styrene.  You can choose to print these tradeshow banners on high quality vinyl or poster paper instead.  If you choose poster paper, they can be left as is or laminated for multiple uses.

There are a few options for setting up these overhead banners.  To begin with, the most common is a plastic channel called a posted hanger.  This is clipped onto the top and bottom of the printed media.  Small loops slide in along the top of the hanger, which will allows you to attach it to cables or lines from above.

Different trade show venues will have different rules and regulations for overhead, hanging signs.  Be sure to check with the individual trade show reps to make sure you have everything you need for any overhead signs.


An overhead sign with poster hangers attached


Vinyl Tradeshow Banners

Finally, you can choose a indoor or economy vinyl banner.  These tradeshow banners are used everywhere, indoor or outdoor depending on the thickness of material.

Tradeshow Banners - Vinyl

They can be custom made to fit any size space.  You can display these either above your booth or in front of a table.  Furthermore, you could put them on a wall beside or behind your booth space.

Showcase your logo, an offer, or an event with these banners.  Each banners comes with stitching along every side, and either grommets or pole pockets so you can hang them as needed.  Outdoor tradeshow banners are a little heartier, and are built with nylon webbing for extra strength.

tradeshow banners

Each of these three options are simple and cost effective solutions.  Standing beside your booth, or hanging above your display, a tradeshow banner is a great way to create impact at your next event.

As always, if you have questions about which of these products are right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info.

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