Pop-up Displays

There are so many different options when trying to choose your convention displays.  You may see material names like Tension Fabric, Truss Displays, as well as brand names like Formulate and Vector.  There are straight displays, but then there are horizontally and vertically curved ones as well.  In addition, you will find 6′, 8′, 10′, and all the way up to awesome and captivating kits designed to fit a 20′ exhibition space.

If you’re looking at your options, then there is a type I’d like to take a minute to talk about.

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Convention Displays


Now, if you clicked on the above link, you see it takes you to a page with 3 different products.  It is the curved and straight pop up trade show displays I’d like to talk about here.  (The Aero is a bit different, and warrants a whole other post.)

Convention Displays, Step-By-Step Pop Ups

These convention displays are panels (usually 3 or 4 panels plus some curved endcaps if you want) held on an expandable frame.  Curved or straight, the frame extends easily, held in place by magnetic clips at structurally important places.  To begin with, expand the frame, standing it up in place where you want the display to be.

Convention Display

Convention Frame – Step One

Secondly, you’ll need to attach magnetic channel bars onto the frame.  The number of channel bars changes with different sizes of frames, seeing that larger frames have more panels.  If you have endcaps to put on, you’ll need to make sure you have magnetic bars on the back (just the left and right side) of the frame as well.  If not, you’ll only need the magnetic bars on the front of the frame.

Convention Displays

Magnetic Channel Bars

Convention Displays

Expand the frame and put on the channel bars

So, after the magnetic channel bars are in place (easy, right?) you’re ready to put on your first panel.  The tops of your panels should have plastic clips that attach to the top of the frame at every section.

Convention Displays

Panels hang in place from hooks, with magnets to hold them in place.

Generally, I like to start in the centre.  Put the middle panel on first, this helps keep your panels straight if you’re on an uneven floor.


Convention Displays

Start at the top, working the panel down and onto the magnets.

The other panels go on the exact same way, start at the top and guide the magnets on the back of the panels into place.

Convention Displays

Magnets on the back of the panels hold them in place.

Convention Displays

Keep an eye on the top of the panels, ensuring they are as even as possible.

Finishing the Set-Up

If you find the tops of your panels are uneven, you’re probably on an unlevel surface.  This can cause a shift, subsequently shifting the panels slightly out of position.  If you can move to a different spot, do so.  If so, sometimes just moving the frame back a foot or two can help, depending on the surface.  Additionally, you can gently nudge the top of the frame left or right (again…gently) to try to correct the discrepancy and get the panels flush at the top.  Once the centre panels are set in place, your endcaps can go on, finishing your set-up.

Convention Display

Endcaps do a great job of sealing the sides of your display

Convention Displays, Extras

To add a little umph to your display, your can add lights or a counter.  Lights slide on to clips already attached to the top of your frame, while the shipping case can be wrapped in graphics for a quick and easy counter.

Convention Displays

A case wrap makes your case into a simple, branded counter.

There are many other pieces that you could add to enhance these convention displays such as flags and retractable banner stands.  These would all simply be based on your own tastes and preferences.  For this post, let’s stick with the convention display itself.  Now, I’ve only really mentioned the basic 8′ display here.  The 8′ and 10′ curved are our most convention displays, though there are quite a few options to choose from.  They all go up the same way, whether you have a straight tabletop display, a 6′ wide curved display, the Gullwing, or the Serpentine.  You can also have panels created to completely wrap around the frame, front and back, using the endcaps to connect both sides.

Convention Displays - Gullwing

A Gullwing Convention Display

As always, our staff are always here to answer any questions you may have.  Please give us a call or go to our site for more details.

A pop up banner stand can be one of the simplest ways to present your brand in a trade show.  They’re convenient and affordable, and great for store fronts or hotel lobbies.  Portable, easy to set up and take down, these stands are built to last.

KCBGraphics.com is a leading supplier of trade show and pop up banner stands in Toronto, Ontario.  If you’re in need of a banner stand, look no further than our pop up banner stands.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-350-7152 with any questions.


Pop Up Banner


Pop Up Banner Stands Explained

There are a few different names for a pop up banner.  Retractable banners, pull up banners, roll up banners.  They are all names for similar products.  Our stands all include the printing of a full colour graphic.  This graphic is printed on a vinyl material, either 12 oz economy or 10 oz stay flat decolit.  This graphic comes installed in the base and ready to go.

If you’re looking around for a stand, you’ll be sure to find a lot of different options and a very broad price range.  A quality banner stands can range from $200 to $800.  As with all things, you can always find something even cheaper.  But you’ll most likely regret it in the end.  And yes, if you put a cheap, low quality stand next to a better stand, you’ll notice the difference.


Pop up banner

A solid, well-made banner stand base


A retractable stand will have a solid base that houses the banner.  Inside is a spring loaded cartridge attached to the bottom of the graphic.  With the stand on the floor, extend the pole and set it in place in the stand.  Simply pull up on the top rail of the banner, and set the rail in place in the top of the pole.  The tension holds the graphic tight.

To retract the stand, hold the pole from the back , pull the top rail off the pole and gently allow the spring loaded cartridge to pull the graphic back inside the base.


Why are there so many options?  I just want a stand.

There are dozens of different makes and models.  More than that if you start looking at cheap, low quality options.

Why?  Well, size is one reason.

Some companies already have their graphics designed and need a stand to fit.  Sometimes you want a stand wider or taller than the standard model.  All of our specific dimensions for the individual stands are noted in the product info on our site, with a downloadable template you can use to make sure your graphics will fit.

Another reason is, yes, the price.  Do you want something designed to last, or something for a one time use?  Will the base bend if you squeeze it with your hand (yes, unfortunately, you can find very cheap stands like this…we don’t recommend it.)

The last reason for such differences in, well, the extras.

Some stands are double-sided.  Others have a removable cartridge, so you can change or use multiple graphics with ease.


Pop Up BannerAlright, this all sounds good.  So, why do I need one?

Whether promoting a product, in a trade show, or promoting your company, a pop up banner is a great way to show to your clients what you’re offering.  It can draw in potential customers, enticing them to stop and speak with your or your reps.

Like a good billboard or ad, a well designed banner stand can quickly explain to passing customers what you offer and why it’s great.

Some people just don’t want to stop and talk, no matter what you’re offering.  They want quick, up front information about you and your product.  A well designed, quality banner stand is a great start.  Add in a pamphlet or brochure, and you’re well on your way to secure these passing customers before they find their way to your competitors.

As always, feel free to give us a call or email to talk about any of your concerns or questions regarding any trade show and exhibition products.

Pop-up displays are a cost effective way to present a strong, vibrant company image. The Coyote trade show display is extremely simple to use and is very light weight. This display uses “Rare Earth Neo Magnets”  on it’s channel bars and the frame which make it very fast to set up and take down. The Coyote pop-up display is available in many different sizes and comes with full graphic panels or fabric panels.

Today we’ll give you a brief outline of how easy it is to use the Coyote Pop-up display.  This display can be set up in less than 10 minutes.

Coyote Pop-up Display 1st step
Remove the frame from its protective hard case.

Lay the frame on the ground as shown and open the frame out to the left and right.

Coyote-Pop-up-display-setup-3The frame will rise up as you continue to open left and right.

Coyote Pop-up Display Setup 4th stepWhen the trade show display is at full height the magnet in the middle of the frame will snap together joining the back to the front.

Coyote Pop-up Display Step 5Remove the channel bars from the storage case and attached them vertically to the frame as shown.

Coyote Pop-up Display Step 6Starting from the one end attach the panels from top and hang them down to the bottom. Make sure you align the vertical edge of the graphic panel to the vertical line in the middle of the magnetic channel bars.

Coyote Pop-up Display Step 7Continue attaching panels from the top to the bottom.

Coyote Pop-up Display Complete set upWhen you’ve completed your set up the carrying case also converts to a sales podium as shown above.

For pricing information please visit our store at the following link:

Coyote Pop-up Displays

Shown below are a couple of completed trade show displays that utilize the Coyote system with full colour graphic panels.

Coyote Tradeshow Display Sample 1Please click the image to enlarge it.

Coyote Tradeshow Display Sample 2Please click the image to enlarge it.