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Custom outdoor flags can be found outside of storefronts, promoting a business in an outdoor festival or market, as well as a trade show convention to enhance a brand’s presence.  Spring is upon us, and this means we’ll slowly be pulling ourselves out of our shells and back outside.  These flags can be used inside or out for sporting events, concerts, and arenas.  The graphics are durable and weather resistant, including hardware meant to endure outdoor elements.

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Custom Outdoor Flags


Custom Outdoor Flags – The Basics

The two main styles of flags are the Zoom and the Wind Dancer.  The main differences?  Well, to begin with the height of the Wind Dancers can all be adjusted (the Mini up to 8’3″, the LT up to 13’6″, and the MX up to 17’3″).

The Zoom flags are all a fixed height, though there are 3 different sizes (10′, 12′, and 16′) available for each.  There are, in addition to the sizes, 3 different styles to choose from.  The Teardrop, the Feather, and the Straight are all slight variations to the flag itself and how it sits on the pole.  All our flags are printed in full colour on a 4 oz mesh material.  This fabric is lightweight, and can be printed double-sided for a little bit extra.


Custom Outdoor Flags – The Base

The bases for the Wind Dancers can be filled with either water or sand for weight.  The bases for the Zoom flags are a little different.  The default stand is a durable floor base.  Also included is a ‘Donut Base’ that can be filled with water for extra support.  For outdoor use (in the ground, not pavement) there is also a ground stake included that can be put on the flag pole for extra stability.


Custom Outdoor Flags

Floor stand or ground stake, both included in your purchase


There is an optional and additional stand that give a stronger, sturdier base.  This additional stand is meant to be used with the Zoom flags.  Similarly to the Wind Dancer stands, as it can be filled with water for extra weight.


Set-Up and Performance

The material is a lightweight 4 oz fabric.  Setting up the flags is easy.  To begin with, simply slide the pole inside the sewn pocket along the side of your finished flag.  Both the fabric and flag is meant for this, so you will have to pull the flag taught.  This will bend the end of the pole into its curved position.

The base can be changed without taking the flag off the pole.  Simply pull off the floor base and attach the ground spike for outdoor (in dirt or grass) use.

Conversely, the Wind Dancers are a little different.  In contrast to the Zoom flags, the poles of the wind Dancers remain visible.  In this case, the fabric snaps onto the pole using the grommets inserted in the fabric.


The End Results

When thinking about creating your custom outdoor flags, keep in mind that they are best used as quick pieces to attract attention.  Often viewed from a distance, they really shouldn’t contain much information.  Considering this, a logo and some good, strong brand colours  might be all you need.  In addition, maybe you’ll show a phone number or web address.  You want to announce your presence to the people looking for you.  Much more information on a flag will only be lost, and clutter what should be a simple design.

For more info, please give us a call or check our site for specifics on these products.

Custom Outdoor Flags

Custom outdoor flag shown with optional base

Are you thinking of using corporate custom flags at your next trade show or event?  Our range of indoor and outdoor spinning flags are available 3 different models (teardrop, feather, straight), and additionally come in 3 different heights.

KCBGraphics.com is a leading provider of marketing and products in Toronto, Ontario.  Take a look at our Flags and Pole Banners, as well as our complete range of trade show products. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-350-7152 with any questions.

Corporate Custom Flags

What height is best for your corporate custom flags?

When choosing which flag is best,  you should first consider the locations you will use them in.  We offer these flags in 3 heights, 10′, 12′, or 16′.  To begin with, are you using these flags outdoors?  If you are putting them outside, will you use them either outside of a storefront or a sidewalk?  Or maybe in a parking lot?  If your primary viewer will be on foot, the 10′ height may be preferable.  If, though, most of your viewers will be driving, to be seen from a greater distance, you will probably want the 16′ models.

We produce our corporate custom flags either single-sided or double-sided.  We use a slightly transparent material for the single-sided flags.  When we print double-sided the flags are opaque.  All the flags slide onto a long, flexible pole.  The top third of the pole will bend under the tension.  They are meant to be taught.  Don’t worry if you have to pull the flag tight to attach it to the pole.

Corporate Custom Flags

The basic kit includes your flag, stitched and ready to go, as well as the pole, a floor stand for indoor use, as well as a ground stake it you want to set up the flag outside.  Also included is an inflatable “donut” for use with the indoor stand.  You can fill this “donut” with water and place it over the indoor stand for extra stability.

The 3 models of flags

Choose from our 3 corporate custom flag shapes, either the straight, the teardrop, or the feather.  Honestly, these models are all very similar.  We print them on the same 4 oz. material and they set up the same way.  It’s all based on your aesthetic preference.

What if I need a stronger base?

If you need something designed to take harsher outdoor conditions, we do provide a bigger, stronger base.  These (like the “donut”) can hold water for extra weight.  Extra feet extend for stability.  A bottom screw holds the pole in place.  You can use this stand for any of the flag models and sizes.

Corporate Custom Flags

When you design a corporate custom flag, keep in mind they’re pieces to draw in your audience.  To attract attention.  You don’t want these show detailed information, but to be noticeable from a distance.  If you need, our experts can provide helpful templates and information, or we can design your flag, placing your logo and keeping your brand professional.  Feel free to contact us for details.

At an outdoor event, custom event tents are a perfect way to announce yourself, and your brand, to all viewers.  We’ve all seen events where someone is using a poor quality, or even a shoddy or broken tent, so we know how that instantly reflects on the company and their product.

Don’t fall into the trap of using an older tent to promote your brand.  Getting high-quality, custom event tents is a worthwhile investment, and can be your first point of contact with your customer base.

KCBGraphics.com is a leading supplier of outdoor flags, banners, and tents in Toronto, Ontario.  Please take a look at our tents and pricing. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-350-7152 with any questions.

Custom event tents

Explaining Your Custom Event Tents

Alright, what are my options?

There are basic tents, without any printing.  (No, these aren’t custom, but I feel I should start here.)  You can get a pop up tent in 5 basic colours (black, blue, white, grey, red).

When you want a whole lot extra, you can have these custom event tents printed in full colour to promote you and your brand.  These set up the same as basic pop up tents (same frame, same set-up), but the full colour printed canopy really set it apart.

These tents are designed for a standard 10′ by 10′ space, and fold down easily to fit in one carry bag.  The canopy is a UV resistant polyester.


Custom Event TentsPrinted Backwalls and Sides

With both the custom event tents and the basic pop ups, you can add a backwall and/or sides to help create a unique event space for your show.  If your space backs onto another vendor, a backwall is a great way to ensure your customers are focused.

As with any good trade show display, making your outdoor summer event is all about environment.  Make your space professional and impactful.  Take some time on this, it represents your brand and your product.  Even if you decide to simply put up a tarp behind your tent, either to block wind or a competitor, take some care and make it look the best you can.


Custom Event Tents


How Your Custom Event Tent Works

Custom Events Tents

Corners will snap into place

Two people is best for putting one these up, but one person can do it with a bit of practice.  With the tent frame folded (the canopy should already be on the frame), stand it up and gently pull the corners so that it fills the 10′ by 10′ space.  Then, one by one, extend the legs out so the tent stands at it’s full height.  The corners should snap into place once everything is in place.  Depending on the make of your tent, you should have a 3 different height options.  (Make sure each leg is set at the same height.  Nothing is worse than a lopsided tent.)

That’s it.  If you’ve purchase a backwall or sides, these can be attached now, once the tent is up.  Okay, now that’s it.

Don’t miss out on that first impression.  If you have questions, or want to begin an order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts.