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So you’ve got a retractable banner stand that is still in good condition, but the graphics are for an old promotion or event. Do you have a new event approaching, but want to reuse the stand? Good news. You can. Pull up banner replacement graphics are easy to create, and can bring life to an old stand.

You can reuse most retractable banner stands. The old graphics can be removed and a new banner installed. is a leading supplier of banner stands and trade show products in Toronto, Ontario. If you need pull up banner replacement graphics check out our products here, send us an email, or give us a call at 1-800-350-7152.


pull up banner replacement graphics


What Are My Printing Options?

We offer 2 different options for printing. Our premium replacement graphics are printed on a high quality, stay flat vinyl. We also offer an economy option, printed a slightly lower quality vinyl for those on a tight budget. Both economy and premium are printed in full colour. There are three size options for each, depending on the width of pull up banner replacement graphics. Choose from up to 33″ wide, 41″ wide, or 51″ wide.


How to Measure Pull Up Banner Replacement Graphics

With so many stands available, how do you know you’ll get a replacement banner that fits perfectly? Knowing the size of your retractable banner stand is key.

So, first off, if you know the name or type of stand you have let your printer know too. It may be written on the base somewhere, or maybe there’s still an info sheet in the carry bag. This will help your printer and designer make sure they get the sizing correct.

If you don’t know the type of stand (or even if you do), set the current stand up and measure the current graphic.

You’ll want the width, and the height. For the height, take it from the bottom where the stand slips inside the base. Go right to the top, including the top rail. Your printer and designer will want to know these measurements to make sure they print the proper bleeds for your banner stand replacement graphics.

Some top rails require a 1/2 inch bleed. Others will need 3/4. This can change from stand to stand. If you can measure your top rail, it would be great for your designer and printer to know that too.


pull up banner replacement graphics

A replacement banner printed, with double-sided tape at the bottom for installation.


Who Installs the New Banner?

pull up banner replacement graphics

Locking pin or Allen key

We can install the new graphics if you want, or we can ship you your pull up banner replacement graphics on their own for you to install. Depending on your experience with banner stands, replacing the graphics can be tricky. The way to do this can change slightly stand to stand. They are usually similar, but not all exactly the same. Here is a post about changing the graphics on either an Advance or Imagine style pop up stand.

In short, you need a table or space large enough to fully extend the banner stand. Hopefully, you still have a locking pin (a small metal pin attached the bottom of the stand).

This pin will be needed to lock the spring mechanism inside the base. Once extended, the pin goes in the small hole on one of the sides of the base. It will stop the cartridge inside from turning. If you do not have a pin, you can MacGyver it with a small Allen key or sturdy metal pin. Just find one that will fit in the side hole to lock the mechanism.


How Do I Install the Banner Stand Replacement Graphics?

One person should hold the base while another pulls the banner out as far as it will go. About 6 inches below the bottom of the artwork, you should see where the printed vinyl banner is attached to the base. This should be a leader strip of some sort, a piece of material or vinyl that remains on the spring loaded mechanism. Pull the banner so that where the current banner stand graphics attaches to this leader strip is visible. With the banner still extended, insert the locking pin to stop the banner from retracting.

You may have to pull the banner or let it slide in a little bit to find the hole to lock the mechanism.


pull up banner replacement graphics

Pull the banner until the leader strip is visible. Peel off the old banner graphic and attached the new.


Brilliant. Now, with the pin securely in place, remove the old graphic. Peel it away from the still attached leader strip. The tape may be old and gunky, but with a little patience the old banner will come off. Then, simply attach the new graphic. Take care to ensure you’ve got it the right way around, that the front faces front.

You will also need to remove the top rail from the old banner, and attach it to the new. This will either be taped in place, have a j-strip, or be clamped in place.


pull up banner replacement graphics

With the leader strip visible, lock the mechanism in place with an Allen key or metal pin.

pull up banner replacement graphics

Some bases have different attaching strips. This one the j-strips to attach the new graphic to the base.


After the New Graphics are Installed

The tape will need at least 12 hours to fully bond. Leave it overnight, and retract it in the morning. Again, have one person to hold the firmly top of the banner. Another person should hold the base. When you’re ready, remove the locking pin. You’ll feel the tension immediately spring back onto the stand. Slowly allow the new graphic to slide back into the base. Done and done.

As I mentioned above, different stands can be slightly different here. You can face other problems, like a broken and cracked leader strip or a faulty mechanism. Other stands use Velcro instead of tape.

Once you’ve installed your new pull up banner replacement graphics, your banner is ready to go. You’ve saved a bit of cash, and your old stand is like new again. Keep your stand in good condition, and you could get many different uses out of it.

A pop up banner stand can be one of the simplest ways to present your brand in a trade show.  They’re convenient and affordable, and great for store fronts or hotel lobbies.  Portable, easy to set up and take down, these stands are built to last. is a leading supplier of trade show and pop up banner stands in Toronto, Ontario.  If you’re in need of a banner stand, look no further than our pop up banner stands.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-350-7152 with any questions.


Pop Up Banner


Pop Up Banner Stands Explained

There are a few different names for a pop up banner.  Retractable banners, pull up banners, roll up banners.  They are all names for similar products.  Our stands all include the printing of a full colour graphic.  This graphic is printed on a vinyl material, either 12 oz economy or 10 oz stay flat decolit.  This graphic comes installed in the base and ready to go.

If you’re looking around for a stand, you’ll be sure to find a lot of different options and a very broad price range.  A quality banner stands can range from $200 to $800.  As with all things, you can always find something even cheaper.  But you’ll most likely regret it in the end.  And yes, if you put a cheap, low quality stand next to a better stand, you’ll notice the difference.


Pop up banner

A solid, well-made banner stand base


A retractable stand will have a solid base that houses the banner.  Inside is a spring loaded cartridge attached to the bottom of the graphic.  With the stand on the floor, extend the pole and set it in place in the stand.  Simply pull up on the top rail of the banner, and set the rail in place in the top of the pole.  The tension holds the graphic tight.

To retract the stand, hold the pole from the back , pull the top rail off the pole and gently allow the spring loaded cartridge to pull the graphic back inside the base.


Why are there so many options?  I just want a stand.

There are dozens of different makes and models.  More than that if you start looking at cheap, low quality options.

Why?  Well, size is one reason.

Some companies already have their graphics designed and need a stand to fit.  Sometimes you want a stand wider or taller than the standard model.  All of our specific dimensions for the individual stands are noted in the product info on our site, with a downloadable template you can use to make sure your graphics will fit.

Another reason is, yes, the price.  Do you want something designed to last, or something for a one time use?  Will the base bend if you squeeze it with your hand (yes, unfortunately, you can find very cheap stands like this…we don’t recommend it.)

The last reason for such differences in, well, the extras.

Some stands are double-sided.  Others have a removable cartridge, so you can change or use multiple graphics with ease.


Pop Up BannerAlright, this all sounds good.  So, why do I need one?

Whether promoting a product, in a trade show, or promoting your company, a pop up banner is a great way to show to your clients what you’re offering.  It can draw in potential customers, enticing them to stop and speak with your or your reps.

Like a good billboard or ad, a well designed banner stand can quickly explain to passing customers what you offer and why it’s great.

Some people just don’t want to stop and talk, no matter what you’re offering.  They want quick, up front information about you and your product.  A well designed, quality banner stand is a great start.  Add in a pamphlet or brochure, and you’re well on your way to secure these passing customers before they find their way to your competitors.

As always, feel free to give us a call or email to talk about any of your concerns or questions regarding any trade show and exhibition products.

One of the most effective tools you can have at your event are pull up banners.  They quickly showcase you brand and/or product.  They’re portable, easy to set up, versatile, and much more cost effective than a large trade show display. is a leading supplier of banner stand products in Toronto, Ontario.  Please take a look at our quality products and pull up banner pricing. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-350-7152 with any questions.

Pull Up Banners

Pull Up Banners carrying case

All pull ups come with an easy to carry bag

They come with their own carrying case, and can be installed or rearranged quickly to best fit a variety of events.  One person can easily set up any of these stands.  Simply put the base on the floor, slide out the swivel feet if needed, extend and insert the pole, pull up the top rail to reveal the banner and attach it to the pole.  That’s it.  Honest.

Whether you need to draw attention to a modest booth or budget, or add some much needed life and colour to your businesses front entrance, with just one or two Pull Up Banners you can really make your product shine.


Here’s what you need to know about Pull Up Banners

There are several different options when choosing which pull up banners are right for your business.  The size of the banner is one of the biggest options, with widths ranging from 2 to 4 feet.  The height of many pull ups is different as well, with the average height sitting around 6.5 – 7 feet.  All stands are free standing, utilizing either swivel feet (some have one foot, others have two) or a wide base to ensure stability in any trade show or business environment.

Pull Up Banners base

Wide base allows banner to stand without any swivel feet

Pull Up Banners feet and base

Free standing pull up banner with 2 swivel feet


If your graphic has already made created, which does happen from time to time, make sure you find a pull up banner stand that either fits, or is close to your needs.  A tall and narrow stand might not be best for a graphic previously created for a wide stand.


What else do I need to know?

With a little colour, a good design, and some eye-catching imagery a pull up banner can easily draw in your audience and make your message clear.

Why are there so many options?  Well, most stands have some subtle differences.  For a little more about pull up stands and other options, see our post here.  All stands have a pole to firmly attach the top rail and show off your goods, but there are two types of poles.  There are 3 or 4 piece bungee poles, which snap together like a tent pole.  These are a fixed height.  Others are telescopic, meaning you could extend them to a variety of heights.

Pull Up Banners telescopic pole

A telescopic pole slides down for easy storage and shipping

For a quick, effective, and professional way for you to bring attention to your brand, your store, or simply make sure your customers what they’ll looking for, look no further than pull up banners.  If you have questions, feel free to contact us for more details.