While many businesses have fully embraced digital marketing through websites, e-mail campaigns, etc., there is still a need for quality printing and marketing. In order to ensure that your business is reaching all possible customers you should consider your print marketing methods.

One reason why print marketing is still successful is the large percentage of businesses who don’t use it anymore – meaning that businesses who do have a higher chance of converting their targets. Just think: whereas in the past you may have received 5 flyers in your mailbox advertising a particular service you now receive one. When it’s time to choose a company what is going to be the likely outcome?

Direct mail campaigns are still popular, and can tie easily in with your online marketing efforts by drawing customers to your website, or encouraging them to sign up for e-mail newsletters. Again, if you’re the only company sending out postcards, catalogues, or print newsletters then you will likely see a good response.

In order to increase brand awareness you must tie in your online branding efforts with visual print media, including postcards , flyers, brochure printing, and business cards. You want your brand to be familiar, so if a potential customer is at home they’ll “think of you” and head to your website.

Print marketing works in reverse as well. Encourage customers to sign up online to receive free print materials – such as guides or newsletters. Odds are that a print newsletter is going to have more of a memorable effect on a customer than an e-mail, which is more difficult to read and easier to delete. Print media is an excellent way to remind past customers of your services and products, as well as to show them that you appreciate their business.

In this age of mass media you can’t ignore the power of online media marketing, but at the same time it is also important to recognize that print marketing still has its place and when properly planned and executed is still quite effective in attracting new and repeat customers.


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