Magnetic Replacement Trade Show Panels

Are you looking to refresh your existing pop up trade show booth with fresh new graphics? KCB Graphics specializes in magnetic replacement trade show panels for your existing frame system. We'll work with you to ensure you receive quality panels that fit properly, perform well and represent your brand professionally!

Types of Magnetic Replacement Trade Show Panels

Keep in mind as you look at different options for your magnetic replacement trade show panels, there's many different quality levels being sold from vendors. Some of which we wouldn't recommend, others are a good choice. Here's a few of the options you'll see in the marketplace:

  1. Panels that are printed as a large decal and then applied to a semi rigid panel
  2. Panels that are printed on paper and then laminated
  3. Panels that are printed on 20pt styrene and not laminated
  4. Panels that are printed on an 18mil PVC panel and then laminated (Recommended)

If you've walked the trade shows, you may have seen the low quality panels. Either they're warped and bowed, the print quality is poor, or they're printed on cheap, unreliable materials.  This is all to produce a lower price, but the image they portray for your marketing dollars makes them a poor choice!

Some of the above options we’ve listed may be a good choice for a one time event but if you’re attending several shows a year and would like your trade show panels to last a few years and still look new Option #4 is the smart choice.

The Best Magnetic Trade Show Panels

Magnetic trade show panel are printed on a quality 18mil PVC panel. These panels are completely opaque and laminated with a quality pebbled laminate. They perform well and look exceptional for several years (as long as they’re packaged away properly between uses). The display shown below is 4 years old (please click the image to view a larger version of the image).

 It is beneficial for pricing if you have existing panel dimensions and a picture of your frame system when it’s discuss printing a new set of trade show panels please contact us.If you have an existing pop up frame and likewise would like