Custom Presentation Folders

Marketing your brand isn't complete without high quality custom presentation folders.  Your customers will appreciate the professionally presented quotes or information sheets, which are perfect for hotels, media kits, resort packages, banking, insurance, and financial documents.

The most successful marketing is a piece that lasts, a piece that a customer keeps for weeks, months, or (hopefully) years at a time.  When your clients need to refer to a quote or document, there is nothing better than knowing that your logo and brand is there, again and again, reminding them of the quality and service you provide. is a leading supplier of trade show products in Toronto, Ontario.  Please take a look at our custom folder pricing and don't hesitate to give us a call with any questions at 1-800-350-7152.

Custom Presentation Folders

We offer four main sizes for your business folders:

  • 9" by 12"
  • 9" by 14.5"
  • 6" by 9"
  • 5.25" by 10.5"

You can have all four of these sizes created with one or two interior pockets.  We can put in slits for business cards on either side.  One of the best features of custom presentation folders is the way it is printed.  Even a single sided print allows you to have colour on the interior flaps as well as the front and back.  Printing happens before folding, so you have printing on the inside flaps.  We provide options for printing on the interior if you need, giving you the options for true double sided printing.

Each of these sizes can be printed in matte, gloss, UV coated.  Want more?  Well, we can do embossing, foil stamping, or even specialize and unique die cuts to your folders.

Keep your contact info front and centre.

Business Card Slits

These business cards slits keep your contact info easy to find.  These can be put in place for either a horizontal or a vertical card.  They are inside the custom presentation folder on the left, right, or both pockets.

Add depth with SPOT UV

Special Requests

If you want to go and give your clients a little extra, you can print your custom business folders double sided, or even add a SPOT UV layer to add depth or an artistic flare.  Here is an example of a custom presentation folder with SPOT UV.  This does not add colour, but creates a shine over specific parts of your design. Or, print your folders double sided.  As always, talk to us if you have questions about printing your custom business folders.