Harnessing the Power of Visual Marketing in Trade Shows Booths

If there’s one clear advantage of visual marketing in trade show booths, it’s the ability to capture and maintain the attention of trade show attendees. As we all know, getting attendees to stop at your booth is a vital step towards capturing leads.

Visual marketing in trade show booths combines printing, and digital content to maximize your trade show booth’s impact and helps to convey your message in a memorable manner. The best way to do this is with a simple, impactful design that captures attention. Here are a few things to think about:

Pictures increase engagement

Use graphics to create an emotional connection with visitors and encourage them to learn more about your company. What makes for an engaging graphic? It should attract attention, but also be relevant to your brand and messaging. Don’t use kittens to sell your sports products, or happy families to sell technology.

Original visual content

The last thing you want is to invest in visual content strategy, only to find out that another booth at the same trade show is using the same stock photos. Create unique video content or images, using custom graphics and original shots of your actual products and employees. With the cost and weight of large monitors coming down dramatically, adding a large video presentation to your booth is an eye catching alternative. Showcase the great features and benefits of your products via stunning video graphic presentations.

Include calls to action

Once you’ve attracted a visitor’s attention with your graphic or display, you want to help them decide what to do next – which is why a call to action is essential. Here are some samples:

“Request a free product demo!”

“Receive our free whitepaper”

“Sign up for a free estimate.”


Visual Marketing in Trade Show Booths Reflects Your Brand

The graphics, visuals, colours, and tone of your displays should match your brand. No whimsical lettering or imagery for a serious brand, or a serious tone for a fun and upbeat brand. Ensuring your visual messaging matches your brand helps visitors to connect, which means they’ll be more willing to hear a pitch from your salespeople.

Check the big picture

What does your visual marketing message look like to attendees? When you're creating trade show graphics make sure important text or your focal point are clearly visible from 20 feet away. In regards to text, here are some suggestions for the correct text size to ensure maximum visibility.

Finally, you can increase your engagement by combining visual marketing with social media, including graphically-based social media channels, including Pinterest or Instagram.

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Photo credit: Twobee