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So you’ve got a retractable banner stand that is still in good condition, but the graphics are for an old promotion or event. Do you have a new event approaching, but want to reuse the stand? Good news. You can. Pull up banner replacement graphics are easy to create, and can bring life to an old stand.

You can reuse most retractable banner stands. The old graphics can be removed and a new banner installed. is a leading supplier of banner stands and trade show products in Toronto, Ontario. If you need pull up banner replacement graphics check out our products here, send us an email, or give us a call at 1-800-350-7152.


pull up banner replacement graphics


What Are My Printing Options?

We offer 2 different options for printing. Our premium replacement graphics are printed on a high quality, stay flat vinyl. We also offer an economy option, printed a slightly lower quality vinyl for those on a tight budget. Both economy and premium are printed in full colour. There are three size options for each, depending on the width of pull up banner replacement graphics. Choose from up to 33″ wide, 41″ wide, or 51″ wide.


How to Measure Pull Up Banner Replacement Graphics

With so many stands available, how do you know you’ll get a replacement banner that fits perfectly? Knowing the size of your retractable banner stand is key.

So, first off, if you know the name or type of stand you have let your printer know too. It may be written on the base somewhere, or maybe there’s still an info sheet in the carry bag. This will help your printer and designer make sure they get the sizing correct.

If you don’t know the type of stand (or even if you do), set the current stand up and measure the current graphic.

You’ll want the width, and the height. For the height, take it from the bottom where the stand slips inside the base. Go right to the top, including the top rail. Your printer and designer will want to know these measurements to make sure they print the proper bleeds for your banner stand replacement graphics.

Some top rails require a 1/2 inch bleed. Others will need 3/4. This can change from stand to stand. If you can measure your top rail, it would be great for your designer and printer to know that too.


pull up banner replacement graphics

A replacement banner printed, with double-sided tape at the bottom for installation.


Who Installs the New Banner?

pull up banner replacement graphics

Locking pin or Allen key

We can install the new graphics if you want, or we can ship you your pull up banner replacement graphics on their own for you to install. Depending on your experience with banner stands, replacing the graphics can be tricky. The way to do this can change slightly stand to stand. They are usually similar, but not all exactly the same. Here is a post about changing the graphics on either an Advance or Imagine style pop up stand.

In short, you need a table or space large enough to fully extend the banner stand. Hopefully, you still have a locking pin (a small metal pin attached the bottom of the stand).

This pin will be needed to lock the spring mechanism inside the base. Once extended, the pin goes in the small hole on one of the sides of the base. It will stop the cartridge inside from turning. If you do not have a pin, you can MacGyver it with a small Allen key or sturdy metal pin. Just find one that will fit in the side hole to lock the mechanism.


How Do I Install the Banner Stand Replacement Graphics?

One person should hold the base while another pulls the banner out as far as it will go. About 6 inches below the bottom of the artwork, you should see where the printed vinyl banner is attached to the base. This should be a leader strip of some sort, a piece of material or vinyl that remains on the spring loaded mechanism. Pull the banner so that where the current banner stand graphics attaches to this leader strip is visible. With the banner still extended, insert the locking pin to stop the banner from retracting.

You may have to pull the banner or let it slide in a little bit to find the hole to lock the mechanism.


pull up banner replacement graphics

Pull the banner until the leader strip is visible. Peel off the old banner graphic and attached the new.


Brilliant. Now, with the pin securely in place, remove the old graphic. Peel it away from the still attached leader strip. The tape may be old and gunky, but with a little patience the old banner will come off. Then, simply attach the new graphic. Take care to ensure you’ve got it the right way around, that the front faces front.

You will also need to remove the top rail from the old banner, and attach it to the new. This will either be taped in place, have a j-strip, or be clamped in place.


pull up banner replacement graphics

With the leader strip visible, lock the mechanism in place with an Allen key or metal pin.

pull up banner replacement graphics

Some bases have different attaching strips. This one the j-strips to attach the new graphic to the base.


After the New Graphics are Installed

The tape will need at least 12 hours to fully bond. Leave it overnight, and retract it in the morning. Again, have one person to hold the firmly top of the banner. Another person should hold the base. When you’re ready, remove the locking pin. You’ll feel the tension immediately spring back onto the stand. Slowly allow the new graphic to slide back into the base. Done and done.

As I mentioned above, different stands can be slightly different here. You can face other problems, like a broken and cracked leader strip or a faulty mechanism. Other stands use Velcro instead of tape.

Once you’ve installed your new pull up banner replacement graphics, your banner is ready to go. You’ve saved a bit of cash, and your old stand is like new again. Keep your stand in good condition, and you could get many different uses out of it.

Perforated window graphics are an immensely great way to promote or advertise your business.  Big or small, if you’ve got a window on your storefront and any road or foot traffic at all, you could benefit from impactful and colourful perforated window graphics. is a leading provider of marketing and products in Toronto, Ontario.  Take a look at our quality products and our Window Graphics. Prices are based on the size of your windows.  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-350-7152 with any questions.

Perforated Window Graphics

Perforate Window Graphics for Business

First off, you need to start with a good design.  Strong imagery and vibrant colours, combine with clear, easy-to-read text is critical.  Keep text brief, you want everything to be able to be read from a distance.  The size of the text will vary depending on the size of the window, the distance between the store and the sidewalk or the road.

What Does Perforated Mean?

This means that there are small holes spread across the entire graphic.  When properly installed, the media that perforated window graphics are printed on is essentially “invisible” from the inside.  You might have seen this media on store windows, and it is very common on vehicle windows.  It allows a full colour image to be printed on one side which is visible from the front, but from the back the media appears like a mesh screen, allowing you to see outside.

Perforated Window Graphics

Now, this means that you can’t have small text.  Anything small, say around 12pt, will have holes through it.  But, because it’s a window graphic you want people to be able to read from afar, you don’t want small text anyway.

Perforated Window Graphics

A close up from inside a window covered by perforated media.


So, how does this come together?

Well, we start with your graphics.  If you need design, our experts can help.  First things first, size is very important.  Measure your windows, the final piece will work best it it is 100% adhered to the glass, not running over onto the seal or the window frame.   If you’ve already got your artwork ready, send it along and we’ll start from there.

When the piece is printed, it comes on a backer so that the ink doesn’t spray through and cover the printer.  Next, after the ink has time to completely dry (at least 24 hours), the media is laminated with an optically clear laminate.  Without a laminate dirt and grit would fill every one of those little holes, as well as sun and rain fading at and destroying the image.

After laminating, the graphics are trimmed to size.  After this, the next step is the application on the windows.

Perforated Window Graphics Supplies

For the best results, use a good degreaser, sharp knives, and lint free towels. (The long handle blade is used to remove old graphics.)

So a small piece, it is completely possible for a novice to install.  There are many videos on youtube to help with this, here’s one from MACtac to get you started.  This video shows both a wet and dry application.  Please note that if you are applying a perforated material, you need to do the dry application.  If you install using the wet method, liquid will absolutely become trapped in the holes and interfere with both the adhesive’s bond and the visual impact.  Only use the wet method when the graphic is solid and you can pushed out all the liquid with your squeegee.

For large windows, or if you have to align two sections so they line up flawlessly, we do recommend having the perforated window graphics installed by professionals.  Depending on the quality of the vinyl, you probably need a warm day of 10°C or higher for the adhesive to bond properly with the window, installing it on the window when the temperature is below the recommended minimum could result in the vinyl graphics failing well before they should.  Check with your printer for installation requirements if you’ll be putting up the graphic yourself.

Apply Your Perforated Window Graphics

So, when we install any window graphics, we begin by cleaning the windows.  Old graphics may need to be removed from the surface.  This can take both extra time and money.  Removing a few letters or security stickers is different then peeling off larger, solid graphics.

Perforated Window Graphics

Some graphics need to be installed in 2 pieces, depending on the size of the windows.

Once the window is prepared, cleaned of ALL dust, dirt, and debris, it’s time to apply the graphics.  With the backer still on, tape the graphic in place so you can double check all edges to ensure that no part of the graphic runs off the glass onto the seal or frame.  This is important.  If even a small little corner runs off the side, it becomes a weak point and could end up quickly peeling away.  You can still trim small slivers away, using a straight edge and a sharp knife.

Once you’ve confirm the size, and the graphic is taped in place, you can start applying it to the glass.  Starting with the top edge, about 1 to 3 inches, peel off and fold down the backer.  Using your squeegee, starting in the centre, rub the graphic down, fixing the adhesive to the glass.  With the top edge secured tot he glass, you can triple check your edges, making sure you are level and straight to the window.

Now, you can begin peeling the backer off the graphic and carefully adhering the perforated window graphics to the glass.  It can be tricky ensuring that you do not have air bubbles and ripples, but with a high quality vinyl and a strong laminate you can usually peel back an inch or two if you need to retry.  This is the part that practice and experience really help.  Keep your squeegee at about a 45 degree angle.  Go slow, start from the horizontal centre, and push out to the sides as you make your way down the graphic.

Perforated Window GraphicsThere.  That’s the first one done.  Maybe a hiccup or two?  Don’t worry, it gets easier as you go.  Or did it go on smooth?  Well done.  If you have more, get to it.  You can go around now and clean up any edges.  If something went wrong and some of the graphic has made its way up on the window frame, you can carefully trim away the excess with a sharp knife, just be careful not to scratch the glass beneath.  Do not leave an edge loose, make sure ALL of the graphic is fixed onto the glass.

Once complete, the optically clear laminate will protect the colour and graphics from the elements, and the adhesive will keep it bonded to the glass.  Allow 24-48 hours for it to completely set to the glass.  From inside you’ll be able to see out, and from the street your clients will see a professional and impactful design representing your business.

As always, feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns.



Are you considering changing the graphics on your Advance or Imagine banner stand yourself rather than ship it back to us in Toronto for the change out, we’ll take you through this process step by step.  You can watch a video of the process by clicking the video at the top of this post or follow through each step below. You’ll need the following items to complete this task:

Changing the Graphics on Your Advance or Imagine Banner Stand

  1. Two 2.5mm Allen Keys
  2. Masking Tape
  3. A Large Table to Work on
  4. Your new banner from

Okay now we’re ready to proceed, let’s remove the cassette from the banner stand base.

Changing the Graphics on Your Advance or Imagine Banner StandSet the base aside. Grab one of the Allen keys and place it beside the end with the small hole (as shown below). Carefully pull the banner out of the cassette using one hand while holding the banner with the other so it doesn’t pull back into the cassette.

Removing-Banner-From-Advance-CassetteContinue until the white leader strip appears and you reach the end (it won’t come out any further).

Cassette-White-Leader-StripWhile holding the banner with one hand, grab the allen key and attempt to insert it into the small hole in the end of the banner stand cassette.

Inserting-allen-key-into-cassetteInitially it won’t go in, slowly let the banner retract back into the base, 1/8″ at a time until the hole opens and the allen key slides in fully as shown.

Inserting-allen-key-into-cassette-2With the allen key fully inserted the banner it’s safe to let go of the banner, it will not retract into the base. Place the upper rail on the table with the back facing up. With the second allen key loosen each screw on the upper rail.

Loosen-the-upper-railWith all of the screws on the upper rail loose pull gently on the banner to remove it from the upper rail. There should be an aluminum bar attached to the banner as well.

remove-the-banner-from-the-upper-railPeel the banner off the upper rail, being careful not to bend the aluminum rail, and set the rail aside.

Peel-the-banner-off-the-upper-railRoll up the banner.

roll-up-the-bannerFlip the banner over to the other side of the cassette and peel it off the leader strip.

peel-the-banner-off-the-leader-stripTape down the white leader strip on each side.

tape-down-your-leader-stripPlace your new banner face down on the table and carefully align the bottom edge of the banner with the line of adhesive tape on the white leader strip. Ensure that your banner is running square and perpendicular with the leader strip.

aligning-the-banner-with-leader-stripAfter aligning the banner, roll back one edge and peel off the first 4 inches of the red plastic layer from the double side tape and press the banner down firmly, adhering it to the leader strip.

peel-off-the-red plastic-layerNow slowly move across, peeling the red plastic layer and adhering the banner straight and square to the leader strip.

peel-off-the-red plastic-layer-2Remove the tape from the leader strip.

remove-the-tapeFlip the banner over the cassette so it’s face up.

flip-the-banner-over-the-cassetteRoll out the new banner, overlapping as shown.

roll-out-and-overlap-bannerFlip over the top to expose the red, double sided tape.

flip-over-to-expose-double-sided-tapeUsing the aluminum bar that was removed earlier, align it with the top of the banner and remove 4 inches of the red plastic from the double sided tape and stick down the bar, carefully aligning it with the top of the banner as you move across.

peel-off-the-red plastic-layer-3Once you’ve got the aluminum bar attached to the new banner, grab the upper rail and seat the banner and rail back into the channel in the rail as shown.

seat-the-banner-and-barWith the banner firmly seated into the rail tighten each screw with the second allen key, DO NOT over tighten these screws.

tighten-the-banner-in-the-railWhile firmly holding the banner remove the allen key from the end. DO NOT let go of the banner!

remove-the-allen-keyWhile firmly holding the banner, slowly let it retract into the base. Use your hands to guide the banner to ensure it’s going in straight. DO NOT let go of the banner or it will slam into the cassette!

That’s it you’re done changing the graphics on your advance or imagine banner stand. You can now place the cassette back into the retractable banner stand base!

If you’re having difficulty with any of the steps shown don’t hesitate to call us with any questions.


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