Promotional Products

By now most businesses realize the value in offering promotional items at trade shows, but many do not put in much time or effort into selecting their trade show promotional items. Spending just a little time reviewing the options and considering the following tips your business’ promotional items can have much more impact.

First, you want to choose items that complement your image. For example, you probably wouldn’t hand out disposable bottles of water if you are a “green” company. The item you choose needs to reflect the values of your company.

Next, keep your budget in mind. While high value promotional items will likely garner a more positive response from visitors, it doesn’t help much if they don’t directly boost your sales. Look for items that are sturdy, long-lasting, yet also affordable.

The item you choose needs to have room on it for branding. A name and phone number or website should be included at the least, but preferably the item should also have room for a logo and tagline. The more information you can convey about your business, the more likely they are going to remember you when the time comes.

Trade show promotional items do best when they are innovative or stand out amongst the crowd. Remember that people are going to be receiving many items at a trade show, so yours needs to stick out somehow. Bold colors or patterns are good, having an item that no one else has thought of is better.

Finally, the item should be useful. Items that are useful as opposed to gimmicky tend to stick around longer – so there’s more chance that a) the visitor will remember your booth, business, or service, and b) the item will be exposed to others who will want to learn more. It can really pay to put some serious thought into your next choice of trade show promotional item.

Trade shows offer an amazing opportunity for businesses to make connections with visitors and create new leads. Promotional products are a definite must-have for any successful trade show as they not only give your potential lead a concrete item with your contact information, but they also set you apart from the competition.

Items that tend to have a lot of draw and staying power are those that are useful to your potential client; such as name badge holders. Custom promotional products that can be put into use immediately by trade show attendees will serve an additional purpose: other attendees will see the product and ask where to get one.

Other common custom promotional products that have proven worthwhile include USB thumb drives, recyclable bags, and … These items get used many times in the life of the product, which means that your company gets more exposure than they would with a short-lived product. However, for this type of item to be successful you must first be able to attract visitors to your booth, and then ensure that your custom promotional product is imprinted with the vital information about your business.

Finally, custom promotional products should reflect your company or brand. If your business is young and fun, then your product should be young and fun too. More sleek and sophisticated? Look for a product that gets this message across. By matching your custom promotional products to your brand you can help communicate the idea of what you are all about to potential customers.

Give-aways and promotional items are a key part of marketing for your company, which is why you want to choose lasting promotional items for your business. These types of items stick around for a long time, meaning the user gets more exposure to your brand.

The promotional items for your business should reflect the type of business that you are, so there is not conflict in image. For example, if your company is sleek and sophisticated your promotional item should be the same. Creative companies should select creative items, and so on.

A good place to start sourcing good promotional items is online – where you will find thousands of different items to choose from. However, there is benefit in selecting a local supplier who can give you much more personal service, particularly if you need help with graphic design for the product, or suggestions on what item would best suit your company.

When considering what promotional product to choose, think about your ideal audience. Who are they? What do they do? What type of item would they find useful? Once you have narrowed down your audience you can look at promotional items for business that will appeal to this audience, as well as your marketing budget.

Finally, you need to decide what information to include on promotional items for business, as this is the key to turning contacts into clients. Depending on how much room there is on your item you can include a business name, logo, tagline, phone number, and website address. Try to use a decent size font so the details are easy to read.

Make sure you start planning early, as the selection process as well as waiting for your promotional product to print and ship can take some time. The last thing you want is to head to your next trade show or conference without promotional items to represent your business.