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Whether your hosting a media event, planning your wedding or exhibiting at a trade show you’ll probably need to consider the options for your backwall displays to create an enticing visual for photographs or brand marketing. For this reason, we’ll take you through a several options and price points and highlighting the pro and cons along the way.

backwall displays

Option 1) Telescopic Stand with a Vinyl BannerTelescopic-Backwall-Display

With this backwall display you’ll receive a telescopic stand in a nylon case and a vinyl banner with a pole pocket on the top and bottom.


  1. Low price point
  2. The banner material is opaque and not effected by back light shadows
  3. The stand can be set to different widths and heights


  1. Multiple parts that need to be assembled
  2. The display frame is visible from the front
  3. The vinyl banner should be shipped in a long roll 8ft or 10ft roll
  4. Folding the vinyl banner will cause wrinkles and creases

Price Point: $550 – $770 +hst (depending on width)

Consequently, due to the simplicity of this system and the use of inexpensive vinyl this configuration will generally be least expensive option that’s available.

If you would more would like some additional information, pictures and pricing on the telescopic stand and vinyl banner option please click here.

Option 2) Tension Fabric Backwall DisplayTension Fabric Backwall Display

With this backwall display you’ll receive a lightweight pop up frame including a nylon carry case, and a full colour, dye sublimated fabric banner that pops up and assembles in a matter of minutes.


  1. Moderate price point
  2. Very easy to assemble, sets up in minutes
  3. The frame is not visible from the front
  4. Fairly compact for shipping purposes
  5. No reflections or glare from camera flashes


  1. The fabric is not opaque
  2. Care must be taken to ensure proper front lighting to avoid back shadows
  3. When the fabric is left on the frame and then disassembled it may have wrinkles when the frame is first reassembled.

Price Point: $950 – $1200 +hst (depending on width and features)

Because of it’s relatively low price, coupled with its light weight, this tension fabric backwall display is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Additional photos and pricing on tension fabric pop up displays can be found here.

Option 3) Pillowcase Backwall DisplaysPillowcase Backwall Graphic

With this system you’ll receive a lightweight aluminum tube frame, in addition to a fabric pillowcase style banner that pulls overs the frame and a soft nylon carry case .


  1. Very easy to set up
  2. Fabric pulls tight over the frame avoiding wrinkles
  3. The frame is not visible from the front
  4. Compact for shipping purposes
  5. No reflections or glare from camera flashes


  1. Higher price point
  2. The fabric is not completely opaque
  3. Care should be taken to ensure proper front lighting to avoid back shadows

This system snaps together quickly and the graphics pull tightly over the frame, as a result wrinkling is less common when compared to the tension fabric systems on option 2. In addition, the 2nd layer of fabric on the back of the frame lessens some of the lighting shadows that occur at trade shows.

Price Point: $1660 – $2000 +hst (depending on width and features)

Additional photos and pricing on pillowcase fabric displays can be found here.

Option 4) Magnetic Panel Backwall DisplaysCurved Backwall Display

With this option you’ll receive a lightweight pop up frame, with magnetic channel bars, laminated graphic panels and an optional hard shipping case.


  1. Opaque panels create exceptional colour control
  2. Back light issues and shadows are completely blocked
  3. The frame is not visible from the front
  4. Display packs into a single hard case for shipping purposes


  1. Higher price point
  2. Assembly time is 15 to 20 minutes
  3. The shipping weight is higher than fabric displays

All things considered, we believe this system creates the best visual impact for your booth by virtue of being completely opaque and blocking all of the distracting back lighting shadows that can occur in most convention centre environments.

Price Point: $1700 – $2400 +hst (depending on width and features)

Would you like some additional photos or pricing on magnetic panel displays? You can find it here.

If you’ve got questions about any of the backwall displays we’ve discussed above please don’t hesitate to drop by (yes we’ve got a real business address in Canada), give us a call or contact us here.


Are you looking to refresh your existing pop up trade show booth with fresh new graphics? KCB Graphics specializes in magnetic replacement trade show panels for your existing frame system. We’ll work with you to ensure you receive quality panels that fit properly, perform well and represent your brand professionally!

magnetic replacement trade show panels

magnetic replacement trade show panels








Types of Magnetic Replacement Trade Show Panels

Keep in mind as you look at different options for your magnetic replacement trade show panels, there’s many different quality levels being sold from vendors. Some of which we wouldn’t recommend, others are a good choice. Here’s a few of the options you’ll see in the marketplace:

  1. Panels that are printed as a large decal and then applied to a semi rigid panel
  2. Panels that are printed on paper and then laminated
  3. Panels that are printed on 20pt styrene and not laminated
  4. Panels that are printed on an 18mil PVC panel and then laminated (Recommended)

If you’ve walked the trade shows, you may have seen the low quality panels. Either they’re warped and bowed, the print quality is poor, or they’re printed on cheap, unreliable materials.  This is all to produce a lower price, but the image they portray for your marketing dollars makes them a poor choice!







Some of the above options we’ve listed may be a good choice for a one time event but if you’re attending several shows a year and would like your trade show panels to last a few years and still look new Option #4 is the smart choice.


The Best Magnetic Trade Show Panels

Magnetic trade show panel are printed on a quality 18mil PVC panel. These panels are completely opaque and laminated with a quality pebbled laminate. They perform well and look exceptional for several years (as long as they’re packaged away properly between uses). The display shown below is 4 years old (please click the image to view a larger version of the image).

Magnetic Panel Pop Up Displays

If you have an existing pop up frame and likewise would like to discuss printing a new set of trade show panels please contact us. It is beneficial for pricing if you have existing panel dimensions and a picture of your frame system when it’s assembled.

Is your company marketing products and services in residential neighborhoods, if so you may have considered door hanger printing as an option. offers several different sizes and finishing options from a matte finish to a very shiny, UV finish. You can check out our details and pricing here.

Make it Compelling

As a residential homeowner you’ve seen many different attempts at door hanger marketing. Sales people will stick a business card in the crack of the door. When you open the door the card falls to the floor. This is certainly cheap marketing. Companies will stick a black and white flyer in the door handle. This is also a weak approach!

Door Hanger Printing

Door Hanger Printing

If you’re going to use this style of marketing you need to make it compelling. Here’s a few tips to ensure long term success:

  1. Use a door hanger that’s printed in full colour. The cost of colour door hanger printing has come down considerably in the last 5 years. A well designed colour piece will out perform B&W every time.
  2. Create an eye catching headline. You have a couple seconds of seconds to catch their attention. A great headline will encourage them to read your door hanger instead of tossing it.
  3. Make an appealing offer. Consider the “Life Time Value” of your customer and make an enticing offer that turns them into a long term customer.
  4. Repetition is important when it comes to this type of marketing. You can’t expect success with a single mailing. There are real estate agents in my neighbourhood marketing this way so regularly that I’ve memorized their name and company. Create a multi-month program and stick to it. Repetition will win you customers.
  5. Use good timing with your door hanger marketing. Your business may offer seasonal services. Drop your door hangers just prior to seasonal peaks and people will be looking for your services.

You can also incorporate simple features in the hanger that encourage your prospect to take an action. A Door Hanger Special Offerperforated tear off offer at the bottom allows to keep your offer for later use. Small fridge magnets can be attached to the bottom so your prospect can take your offer and attach it to the fridge.

The type of paper or card stock you choose will also effect how your door hanger is perceived. There are very light weight card stocks with no shine that are available or heavy 16pt card stocks with a high gloss.  Using a heavier 16pt card stock does increase the price so you’ll have to weigh the benefits of

So you’ve got your compelling headline and awesome offer. Now for the design! We encourage you to use a graphic designer to create your door hanger.  This is an important step in creating a compelling door hanger. A great headline and offer won’t be seen if it’s executed using bad design techniques. A skilled graphic designer with make your offer leap off the hanger into the eyes of your prospect. Don’t miss this important step!


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