Happy New Year! Here’s to a prosperous year, one where your business excels in every way. So what are the best ways to succeed marketing your business? Here are some upcoming trends that may help you get ahead:


Although the economy seems to be recovering, trade shows are still feeling the pressure. Your company needs to maximize its marketing dollar to get the most out of each attendance. If you can’t afford the investment in a trade show booth, look for ways for your marketing materials to do double duty. You can even consider renting a booth and using banners and other marketing materials, until your success proves that the investment is worthwhile. Booking your trade shows early to save costs can help as well.


Every investment needs proof of its returns; the same goes for your company’s investment in trade show marketing. Arm yourself with information, balance costs with returns. Track your expenses, but also track the number of visits, as well as those that are definite prospects. After the trade show you can work on converting prospects into clients.

Trade Shows = Great Marketing

More and more buyers are looking for an in-person experience prior to committing to a purchase; a trade show offers the perfect venue to let major players test out new products and services – particularly when it comes to B2B marketing. Rather than focus on phone calls and other marketing methods, set more time aside to meet potential buyers face-to-face.

Savvy Buyers

Today’s buyers like to research before they buy, or before they attend a tradeshow. Make sure your internet presence is solid – you should have an informative, great-looking website, as well as accessible marketing materials, including demo videos if possible. The more potential buyers can learn about your product, the better.

Promote More!

Regular marketing doesn’t cut it anymore; you need to work harder to get the message out. Social media is a key element here; but so is word-of-mouth marketing, promotions, and even contests. Find unique ways to get the word out about your event.

Social Media is Key

Where traditional marketing methods may not be as effective, social media is an incredible tool to help promote your trade show. Before, during, and after trade shows you should be using any and all social media channels available to you in order to encourage followers to come and check out your booth. You can also promote events, promotions, or special giveaways during a tradeshow to attract attention.

Better Promotions

Setting up a booth and handing out brochures isn’t enough these days; if you want to bring in leads you’ll need to offer something in return. You can offer something physical such as something branded by your company – a pen, thermos, keychain, etc. You could also offer an intangible benefit: knowledge. Offer free advice, or a way to get more out of the product you of are selling.

Digital Trade Show Booths

Trade show marketers used to get by with the same booth, show after show, only exchanging a banner here and there for a different look. By adding an LCD TV or computer screen you can change the look of your trade booth, or promote a different product, without having to pay for new promotional material. Between trade shows your digital components can run double-duty in other areas of your business.

Interaction Engages Visitors

While you’re updating your trade show booth with technology, you might want to work on increasing engagement through interaction. Tablets and touch-screen can help visitors engage with your product, explore new features, or view how-to videos. The more you can engage trade show attendees, the more likely it is that they will become buyers.

Lighter Materials

For national trade shows you can save significant cost shipping your trade show by investing in today’s lighter, stronger trade show materials. Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays are not only lighter and cheaper to ship; they're printed using vibrant, dye sublimation printing and they look great and make your company look great in return. Additionally you can get more distance out of your trade show booths by incorporating trade show materials into existing displays, such as on your sales floor.

Qualified Leads Equal More Sales

Handing your salespeople a list of prospects and expecting them to turn them all into sales – they need more information. You’re better off to pare down your list to only include leads you feel are ready to talk to a sales person – that way sales can spend more time on working each individual prospect for a better closing rate overall.