spring back banner stands

If you’re browsing online for banner stands you’ll discover a plethora of styles, choices ….. and prices. In the banner stand category there are three main styles.

  1. Retractable Banner Stands have a lightweight base that the vinyl banner retracts into, this ensures that your graphic is protected. The whole unit packs down into a nylon travel case the is light weight and very easy to set up. There is a wide range in prices and sizes for this style of stand. When making your choice consider how many times per year your stand will used and will you be traveling with it. Paying for a premium stand when your traveling the country or doing many events per year will be money well spent.
  2. Telescopic Banner Stands utilize vertical poles at the back or sides that hold the graphics up. This style is less expensive than most retractable stands but does not protect the graphics within the base. The graphics must be rolled manually and protected from damage. Telescopic stands offer the benefit of going wider than most retractable banner stands. The Pegasus stand can be extended up to 8′ wide and 8′ high and the height and width can vary.
  3. Spring Back Stands are the least expensive style of banner stand. They use fiberglass poles under tension to hold the banners up.  The graphics must also be rolled up and protected manually. Spring back stands are  suitable in situations were you’re setting it up in a showroom and not taking it down or doing a couple of shows per year locally.

There are several things that we’ll take into consideration when you’re purchasing a banner stand from KCBGraphics.com:

  • how large is the space you are presenting in?
  • do you need the flexibility to change graphics and graphic sizes?
  • are you traveling with the stands?
  • how often will it be used?
  • how much information do you need to display?
  • what type of look and feel are you trying to achieve
  • who is your target audience?