Banner Stands

With all the amazing booths, pop-ups, and modular displays out there making your trade show display really stand out, one thing that is easily overlooked is the effectiveness of banner stand. But why, when there are so many other options, should your business still invest in banner stands? Here are a few reasons:


Banner stands are incredibly easy to carry around – so they can go places where your booth cannot. Many banners come with a carrying case, or the panel retracts into the base so you can travel across the world without having to worry about wear and tear. Whenever you travel, a banner stand can go with you.


A booth really only comes in handy at trade shows, where banner stands can go anywhere. You can use them whenever you introduce new products or sales, and by changing the graphics you get more life out of your banner stand.

Super Easy & Effective

Who needs the hassle of putting together complicated displays? A banner stand can be set up in 10 seconds, giving you more time to focus on customers. Banner stands are also an effective way to attract new business and advertise your product.


Whether you are having a big clearance, introducing a new product or sales methods, or just want to promote your business a banner stand is an excellent option. Anywhere you are promoting your business; a banner stand can be there.

Just Right

Not too big, or too small a banner stand puts your business or product right at eye level – so it can’t be missed. By promoting your product or business right where the customers are you can encourage sales on the spot, rather than waiting for customers to decide to come to you.

Excellent Value

For how much your business will use a banner stand, they are a terrific investment. The stand can be used over and over again, and with just a few banners you can take your stand anywhere you go – whether it’s sales presentations, client meetings, or trade shows. When you aren’t traveling you can put it in your office or on the sales floor to keep your product front and center.


With how often you can use a banner stand in your business, from trade shows to floor displays, it is vital that you get the “right” banner stand for your business. Otherwise, you may find that your stand spends more time collecting dust in a closet than attracting customers.

Like pretty much everything else in business, what works for others may not work for you. The same goes for banner stands – there are many different sizes and types to choose from, and in the end only you can decide which will work best. With that in mind, here are a few things to think about:

Retracting vs. Non-retracting

A traditional, non-retracting banner stand is lightweight, but you need to take the time to attach the banner to the stand when you initially set it up. This also means that you have to carefully store your graphic banner when it’s not in use. Non-retracting banner stands tend to last longer as they have no moving parts that can wear out, but the banner itself may wear out more quickly.

For convenience of set up the retracting banner stand may be a better choice. Most come with one or two banners that retract into the stand, all you do is pull the banner up and attach it to the top. Since the graphic is pulled into the base when not in use it can be stored safely, however all the extra mechanics make these types of stands heavier, so they may not be the best for extensive travelling.

Banner Stand Types

The non-retractable banner stands come in several configurations; the most popular are referred to as X banner stands and L banner stands. The X stand features three aluminum legs and two arms that create the base and hold each corner of the graphic banner. These types of stands are easy to set up and very lightweight, however may not give your display as professional of a look as you would like.

The L banner stand tends to look more professional, and uses an L-shaped stand that clamps onto tracks at the top and bottom of your graphic banner. This types also takes up less space than the X type stand.

More Sophisticated Types

As always, you can always choose more sophisticated options for your banner stand, such as two-sided displays or stands and banners that are designed to withstand the elements for outdoor exhibits. No matter what type of stand you choose, ensure it suits both your company’s style and where / when / how often you are planning to use it.


With all the new and improved types of booths, displays, and other physical marketing methods being touted lately, why would anyone want to invest in an old-school banner stand? In reality, banner stands are still and extremely useful way of attracting people to your brand, and due to their size and portability are able to go places your other displays cannot.

So before you discount banners stands as a marketing tool for your next event, consider the following advantages that they offer:

  • They are easy: Banners take mere minutes to set-up, unlike booths that can take hours. For single-staff trade shows this can be a much easier and effective way to go.
  • They are portable: Banner stands are lightweight, fold up compact, and many can roll or fold up and go in a carrying case. This means you can take them in a carry on for a day trip, keep them in the trunk of your car, or have them on hand at the office when you need it.
  • They are flexible: While many marketing methods work only for one or two scenarios, banner stands are much more flexible. You can use the same banner at many types of events, or invest in a few banners to give your brand different looks. When not in use at trade shows banners can be set up in your office or at a retail location to bring more attention to a sale or promotion.
  • They work: When designed effectively with your message, trade show banners entice participants to visit your booth and learn about your product.
  • They are affordable: Whether you are a large business or a small one, banner stands come in all price ranges and offer excellent value, making them an excellent choice for businesses wanted to draw more attention to their product or service.

Working with an experienced banner designer you can create one or several banner designs that can promote your company at trade shows, expos, speaking engagements, sales, and more. Investing in a high-quality banner can provide you with an excellent marketing tool for many years.