Banner Stands

Having banner stand problems?  Perhaps the top rail has failed, allowing the vinyl to detach and retract into the base.  Or, worse, has the vinyl caught along one side of the base as it fell?  We’ve written a bit about the cheap banner stands that we won’t sell you .  As with any product, if you search for the cheapest options, chances are you will get an inferior product. is a leading supplier of banner stand products in Toronto, Ontario.  If you’re in need of a banner stand after having problems with your current product, please take a look at our quality products and banner stand banner pricing.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-350-7152 with any questions.

Banner Stand Problems

Thin, low quality aluminium. No this stand shouldn’t look that like that.

Banner Stand Problems Big or Small

Truth be told, sometimes a low quality banner stand can fail.  The leader strip (the part that connects the banner to the base) can lose adhesion.  The top rail can release the banner.  Those are big problems (though they can usually be fixed).  Other, minor issues can occur as well.  A low quality or cheap stand could tilt to one side.  Likewise, a cheaper material can curl badly.

In some very cheap stands, remember the old saying, “you get what you pay for”.  Most likely, a stand that costs less to purchase because it’s made of thinner material.  A thin aluminum base is soft, and could pinch and bend.  A pole cheaply made could bend, causing your banner to lean or wobble.

From the Top Rail Down

One of the easiest places to have a problem with your stand is the top rail.  This might seem like a small piece of your banner stand but it this parts fails, your banner comes spiralling down into the base.  (Again, this is fixable, but very frustrating.)  There a few different styles and types of top rails.

Banner Stand Problems

J-trim sticks right to your graphic, and is often the only thing holding it in place

Some banners are only held in place by a thin strip of tape.  The vinyl is attached to a piece of plastic called “j-trim”.  The trim, taped to the banner, is then slid into the top rail.  With this method, there is no pressure or force holding the vinyl to the rail.  Just tape.  Banner stand problems can arise if this tape fails, releasing the banner into the base.  This results in the banner stand losing tension.

As strong as tape can be, after a few dozen trade shows, under hot spotlights, this single bond can start to lose its grip.

Banner Stand Problems

Instead of tape or j-trim, this top rail uses a locking pinch and a downward clamp

Another type of top rail uses no tape or adhesive whatsoever.  Instead, the vinyl is held in place by pressure.  The vinyl is clamped in place, and any downward pull only tightens the top rail’s grip on the graphic.  We find this a better solution, but still not the best.  To avoid banner stand problems a good top rail should have a piece of aluminum taped to the top of your vinyl banner, and that strip is then firmly held in place (usually by a series of five or six screws) to the top rail.  Again, if you only require your stand for a few uses, a simple j-trim top rail might be fine.  But if you’re looking for quality and a long-lasting product, find a premium banner stand with a strong top rail.

Banner Stand Problems

The best solution for a banner stand’s top rail, adhesive tape AND pressure

A Strong Base for Your Stand

There are many options to choose from.  Too many, perhaps.  Banner stands come in many different sizes, and many different styles of bases.  When buying your stand, find one made of a sturdy base.  To aid against banner stand problems resulting fro uneven floors, ask if the base has adjustable leveling feet.  These little beauties can be used to balance out the stand (and work much better than a sugar packet under your table leg).

Avoiding Banner Stand Problems

In all honesty, I’m not saying you should only buy the most expensive.  Far from it.  But taking an interest in the stand you purchase can ensure you get a quality product that will last.  To recap, look for a banner stand that has a top rail with either a tension clam or an aluminum rail with tightening screws, and preferably a base made of sturdy aluminum with leveling feet.  Avoid thin, easily bent or damaged stands.  Keep that top rail in good condition.

If you are having problems with your current stand, contact us.  We might be able to repair your stand.


There are three main types of banner stands.  They are: Retractable, Telescopic, and Spring Back.  I’m going to explain a little bit about each style, hopefully giving you a bit more comfort when choosing a stand for your next trade show, media event, or just to add some impact to your office or retail space.

In the end, all three of these types of banner stands do the same thing, it’s the subtle (and not-so-subtle) differences that divide them.

Types of Banner stands

 Retractable Banner Stands

types of banner stands

Base of a retractable stand

The easiest and most common type of stands are the retractable stands.  The banner itself, whether printed on our economy 12 ounce vinyl, or the premium, stay-flat decolit, is contained within the base of the stand.  When not in use, the banner graphic rolls down into the base, wound within the stand using a spring loaded mechanism.

To set up a retractable stand, extend the pole, place the bottom end in the designated spot in the base, pull up the top of the banner, and firmly attach it to the pole.  To take the stand down, holding onto the top rail, simply detach the top rail from the pole and gently allow the mechanism to pull the banner down within the base.

These come in the widest variety of models, ranging from a  value-priced economy stand like the Econo-Tough or the Freedom, our standard line, including the Blade LX and Pacific, up to the premium line of stands like the Barracuda or the Banner Bug.


Installing a retractable stand with a removable cassette

The bases themselves are slightly different, from model to model.  Some have a removal cassette within the base, so you can easily change out the banner for another.  Others do not, making changing the graphic a little harder to change (but still possible).  If you had a specific or unique question to ask about your stand, what it can do, or what you need it for, our staff would be happy to help.



Double-Sided Telescopic Stand


Unlike retractable stands, a telescopic banner stand is essentially two separate pieces: the banner, and a telescopic pole.

In a few models, like the Dash or Pegasus, the pole is freestanding.  In others, say the Uno or the Telescopic 4, the banner is needed to create tension to maintain balance.

There is no base to a telescopic stand, the banner is simply unrolled and attached to the pole, and held in place by tension.

The most popular telescopic for us is the Pegasus, as it provides a unique difference from the retractable stands.  The dimensions of this stand are variable.  Use as either a vertical, portrait style stand, or alter the format for a an eye catching back wall or a quick solution to a step-and-repeat media wall.


Telescopic banner Stand

Spring Back

Backs of two different tension stands

Backs of two different tension stands

A spring back banner stand, like the telescopic models, has no base.  The stand is a usually a tripod-based structure, which will stand loosely on its own, but tightens up once the banner is attached.  In most cases, one grommet in each corner of the banner holds the graphic in place.

These stands are lightweight, easy to ship or carry, and set-up fast.  They have the extra benefit of being able to change out the graphics, simply by attaching a different banner when you need it.  Print several to keep on hand, and you can easily move through several events over several days, displaying a different banner on the same stand.

Grommets in the top and bottom corners

Grommets in the top and bottom corners


With all the amazing booths, pop-ups, and modular displays out there making your trade show display really stand out, one thing that is easily overlooked is the effectiveness of banner stand. But why, when there are so many other options, should your business still invest in banner stands? Here are a few reasons:


Banner stands are incredibly easy to carry around – so they can go places where your booth cannot. Many banners come with a carrying case, or the panel retracts into the base so you can travel across the world without having to worry about wear and tear. Whenever you travel, a banner stand can go with you.


A booth really only comes in handy at trade shows, where banner stands can go anywhere. You can use them whenever you introduce new products or sales, and by changing the graphics you get more life out of your banner stand.

Super Easy & Effective

Who needs the hassle of putting together complicated displays? A banner stand can be set up in 10 seconds, giving you more time to focus on customers. Banner stands are also an effective way to attract new business and advertise your product.


Whether you are having a big clearance, introducing a new product or sales methods, or just want to promote your business a banner stand is an excellent option. Anywhere you are promoting your business; a banner stand can be there.

Just Right

Not too big, or too small a banner stand puts your business or product right at eye level – so it can’t be missed. By promoting your product or business right where the customers are you can encourage sales on the spot, rather than waiting for customers to decide to come to you.

Excellent Value

For how much your business will use a banner stand, they are a terrific investment. The stand can be used over and over again, and with just a few banners you can take your stand anywhere you go – whether it’s sales presentations, client meetings, or trade shows. When you aren’t traveling you can put it in your office or on the sales floor to keep your product front and center.