Promoting a new business can be difficult, particularly on a tight budget. Advertising and social media are the standard, go-to methods of getting your name out there, but it’s a good idea to thing about giving your company a physical presence. Small, portable high quality displays can go just about anywhere – so you can take every opportunity to promote your company.

Why use portable trade show displays? For one, they are so small and easy to move that they can go wherever you go; to presentations, investor meetings, or when contacting potential customers. Whenever you are at your office, the trade show display can be used to tell visitors about your company or your product.

In the Store

No matter where your office, store, or sales floor is located a trade show display can help to improve brand recognition, and when placed outside your door or in a store window can help to bring in foot traffic.


Anytime you are meeting with others to discuss business matters is an opportunity to use your trade show display. On a table, in a reception area, anywhere is a good place to put a display to promote your company and products.


Having a full-on deluxe trade show booth may be more than a little out of your budget at the moment, so in the meantime make full use of scaled trade show displays instead. As long as you are presenting a professional face to your company and product, a portable display can help you promote your product just fine.


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