Tips and Workarounds

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When sending a file to your printer, always be sure to convert all your text to outlines.

Here is a scenario.

You’ve got a design for a new tradeshow, banner stand, flyer or even something as simple as a business card.  The design is perfect.  You love it.  You (or your designer) have spent many long hours on the project, matching colours and making sure sizes and bleeds are up to spec.  Making sure it fits your company and your brand.

You’re given the green light (or you give the green light), and send it off to print.  You notice your printer accepts a few (click here to continue reading)

ID-10084691Trade shows are still a great way to promote your products and meet potential customers on a personal level, but they aren’t the same as they used to be. Now it’s not enough to have a good product and some brochures, you need to have a cohesive marketing package that attracts (click here to continue reading)

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